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An Army Against Evil: Drakensang Online and One Million Players

HAMBURG, Germany, September 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

Bigpoint ( celebrates a huge success story: With over one million players registered for Drakensang Online ( since the official launch of the Open Beta on August 8, 2011, it’s not just the registrations that are on the rise, but the excitement too: With the first big update launched as well as many more to come, such as the community’s highly anticipated PvP features, Bigpoint Berlin is keeping players on their toes with new adventures and challenges in the epic fantasy world of Drakensang Online.

“Drakensang Online helped us prove, only after just a few short weeks, that it’s possible to launch browser games with the same level of quality as traditional PC or console games,” says Philip Reisberger, Chief Games Officer at Bigpoint. “Action RPG fans looking for an outstanding gaming adventure should definitely get in on this game now and experience the free-to-play Drakensang Online for themselves!”

Since the launch of the first big update just a few short weeks ago, Drakensang Online players have had the chance to delve into “Teganswall” and discover not only many new quests and new items but also a completely new game region. The development team also plans on expanding the game with other PvP features, including a guild system, arena battles, statistics, buddy lists and a PVP-only server.

Drakensang Online’s free-to-play and browser-based Open Beta is available to play on the official website in a variety of different languages such as German, English, French not to mention Spanish, Italian and Polish. Additional game information can be found on Facebook ( as well as Twitter (

NOTE: I did check it out to see if it runs on Linux or in a browser. So far no. And I do have a ticket submitted with support. So we’ll wait and see how it’ll come about.

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