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An Indian twist to the popular Angry Birds game, Angry Anna which swaps birds for anti-corruption leaders and pigs for politicians draws huge following in India and abroad

By Priyanka Banerjee
Geek Mentors Studio Team

A Noida-based technology start up, Geek Mentors Studio has come up with an interesting online game Angry Anna which within the 24 hours of its launch witnessed a phenomenal response from the nation and abroad. Though not a direct replica of Angry Birds, the game is all set to achieve the world popularity with all its social cause. ITPRO India caught up with the co-founder of Geek Mentors studio, Shah Nawaz to dig out more about ‘Angry Anna’.

What is Angry Anna ? Does it have any similarity with Angry Bird apart from the name ?

‘Angry Anna’, a HTML5-based online game (available at has come up with a story and mission. It mentions that some corrupt politicians are running away with the nation’s money and users should play it to stop and wipe them out.It is more or less similar to Angry Birds but can you deny that most of the car racing games are different? There must be the similarity in the gameplay of the type of game that you are playing for example, a platformer game. And for your information the “Crush the Castle” which was released much before Angry Birds is also similar to the game.

What type of response have you received so far ?

We have launched this game on August 24, at around 5 PM. In next 24 hours we have got more than 44000 game plays. Right now it has more than 158000 game plays. We are witnessing around 8000 game plays per hour. Right now the game “Angry Anna” is available on GameSalad Arcade in HTML5. We will launch it on Android and iOS very soon.

Who is the game designer and when did you plan the game?

The Programming is done by me, The Designers are Mohd Faisal (co-founder) and Himanshu Bisht (Intern). We started planning it in the evening of 21 August, started working on it on the same day. And it took us almost 3 days to make it reality.

How did the idea come into your mind ?

Enough protests and people rally are going on in India, but there are millions of people who can’t get out of office long enough to lend their support to Anna. We also wanted to go in a candle march at India Gate but we were stuck in our office due to some urgent deliverable. We came up with an idea and decided to build a small game for those who can show their frustration by playing it.

Do you want to update the game along with the movement ?

Yes, definitely. We will update it as the movement is still on. I am loving the response that we are getting. we are going through each and every tweet, FB like, emails, calls and messages and taking into consideration, every demand that people are making about this game.

Do you think the popularity of the game will create more awareness of the anti-corruption movement in India and globally ?

It’s a yes. We are regularly monitoring the comments, likes, tweets, emails, calls and its 99.9 % positive. People are spreading the word and ultimately creating more awareness.

Do you have any futuristic plan to launch games based on social context?

You know, these days people are using power of social networks in a very positive way by showing anger against injustice, supporting a noble cause, fighting for justice and helping to spread the word. So yes, we will surely going to do that.

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