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Anagrams releases 1400 levels to challenge you

anagrams releases 1400 levels to challenge you in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Anagrams releases 1400 levels to challenge you in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Hero Game. Now launching on Steam and

While Hero Game debut their indie game Anagrams. Gameplay also comes with 35 unlockable word categories. Plus 3 bonus game modes. And as a result, features over 1400 levels and anagrams to solve. Original music sets the mood for each game mode. Since gameplay ranges all the way from heart pumping to meditative. For players looking to chill or those ready for a challenge. Anagrams has a little something for all the puzzle lovers out there.

“As puzzle lovers ourselves, we wanted to make something with a wide range of difficulty. But also something we could wind down with,” said Rachel Reed, one-half of the husband and wife duo at Hero Game Co. “Anagrams combines some of our favorite things: minimalist yet colorful design and ambient music. And hours upon hours of gameplay—and, of course, anagrams!”

Anagrams Trailer

Features include 4 unique game modes. Each tailored to a particular type of puzzling experience:

  • Classic mode: first, play a letter matching level. Then solve an anagram made up of the same letters. While keys are used to unlock new categories and game modes. These are earned for every 5 puzzles solved. But increasing difficulty makes them a challenge to collect.
  • Blitz mode: this is a race against the clock. Players can also choose between frenzied letter matching levels. Or maybe try to solve anagrams in under 60 seconds.
  • Zen mode: all the pressure is off in this carefree mode. Players can choose between relaxing, endless puzzles or solve each challenge with limitless hints. All while listening to music of a nature inspired soundtrack.
  • Free mode: ranging from easy to mind bending. Players can solve puzzles or anagrams only at the difficulty they prefer.

Anagrams is available now on Steam and Which now releases 1400 levels to challenge players in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $7.99 USD. So puzzle fans can start solving these challenges at an affordable price.

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