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Ananias a drm-free adventure game has been recently updated for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Ananias is a #traditional is a #dungeon adventure #game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Where players explore an ancient ruins complex fighting monsters and trying to survive to the bottom to find an ancient artefact to save the world.

Every time you play the game will create a new dungeon full of challenges and surprises for you in 5 different environments populated with monsters and ancient magical artifacts.
There are eight different player classes, each one designed with an unique play style. Some of them are combat focused while others must rely on the items found on the dungeon to survive.

As you advance through the game, you will find more than 40 different monsters with distinct skills and features, you will be able to charm them using magic spells and make them follow you in your quest; using ancient magic found in the dungeon you will also unlock the powers and skills hidden on their evolved forms.
Unlike classic roguelike games adapted to modern media, in Ananias there is no cumbersome movement or complex commands, however all the features from the genre that make the games fun are kept: turn based combat, random level generation and long term item strategy are among the things that make every adventure into the dungeon enjoyable.

The latest update adds new tactical options for the turn-based combat. Should you be up to trying it out for yourself, download for free, play in your browser or pay what you want through Itch.


  • Eight player classes with different skills and play styles.
  • 40+ enemy types, each with an unique feature that makes him stand apart from the rest.
  • Pick a monster to join you in your adventure, or transform a deadly foe into an ally.
  • Make your monsters evolve into powerful creatures using magic spells found into the dungeon.
  • Randomly generated environments, every game is a new adventure!
  • Explore five different environments as you dive into the bowels of earth
  • Hand-crafted authentic pixel art and original soundtrack
  • Challenge your friends online playing head to head to see who survives longer
  • Rise through both the global and friends ranking.

The combination of improved pet management and options for combat stances sparked my interest and half an hour later, I decided to stop playing and start writing. There’s no headline feature to highlight, but Ananias is an approachable and tactically interesting dungeon crawler.

Play along with your friends in the online mode; the game keep all friends up to date with their adventures in real time, so you can set up challenges or just have fun seeing your friend’s characters die in the dungeon.

The “pay what you want” version comes with all four classes unlocked, while the Fellowship edition (available on the same Itch page and paying at least $4.99) which unlocks four “legendary” classes.


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