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Ancient Frontier new gameplay reveal video

ancient frontier sci-fi rts new gameplay reveal video linux mac windows games

Two man team Fair Weather Studios have released gameplay footage. Since upcoming sci-fi turn based strategy game Ancient Frontier will debut soon. And while the games going to be available on Windows first. The Linux and likely Mac will follow.
Yet this new video shows the entirety of the first level. Highlighting the Federation Campaign, which is one of two story-driven campaigns. Complete with full voice acting, spanning over 50+ hours of gameplay. And over 4 hours of audio.
Since the games developed in Unity 3D, when will see see a Linux release?

Linux support:

There is no ETA on a Linux and Mac port. But it will be after launch where testing will begin at that point. So there will not be a day one release but will be coming in the near future. The launch version should support Ubuntu.

So being that we’re not all that keen on “yet to be supported” games. The fact that Ancient Frontier will have Linux support is indeed worth mentioning. But I can well imagine that the delay is due bug fixes.

Players take command of their own fleet of ships and are able to upgrade their ships, purchase new ones and unlock new technologies via the tech tree. Take to the depths of space in tactical turn-based combat with RPG elements and fight through two single player campaigns with main missions and optional side quests.

Ancient Frontier gives commanders access to over 35 unique ships to build up powerful fleets. Each ship gains experience after combat and can be leveled up to become more effective in combat. The game also features permadeath for units, so be prepared to wrestle with the loss of your prized battleship or attack squadron should a mission on the fringe of known space go badly.

Ancient Frontier Gameplay – First Level Play-through:

Ancient Frontier Features:

  • Two fully-fledged campaigns with fully voiced dialogue.
  • Over 50 hours of gameplay.
  • Dynamic initiative based turn based combat.
  • RPG elements including experience progression for ships.
  • Permadeath – once a ship is gone, it’s gone.
  • Fleet management – choose which ships to take into battle.
  • Over 35 unique ships to command.
  • Customize your playstyle by unlocking technologies in an extensive Tech Tree.
  • Two major factions and three sub-factions.
  • Large, detailed space maps to fight across.
  • Resource management – scavenge for resources and spend them to upgrade and obtain new ships and upgrades.
  • Dozens of different weapon systems and abilities to control.

So Ancient Frontier will launch on Steam on September 21st, 2017 for Windows. While Linux will be coming post release. So stay tuned.

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