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Ancient Spirits DLC announced for Children of Morta

ancient spirits game dlc announced for children of morta on linux mac windows pc

Ancient Spirits game DLC announced for Children of Morta on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing creative efforts of developer Dead Mage. Which is expecting to make a debut on Steam, GOG, Humble Store. Despite the lack of store pages.

Can a foretold fable about a fierce warrior become a reality one day? In the magical yet dangerous land of Rea, everything is possible. Listen to the cozy fireplace story on October 7th. So you can learn about the new playable character’s arrival. All coming to Children of Morta and other exciting content being added. Check out the teaser trailer for a first glimpse of what is to come:

Ancient Spirits teaser Trailer:

Parallel, albeit distinct lives, can sometimes bond and start a new life. And resembling both of their natures. It all becomes clear with the arrival of a warrior with two spirits. The Ancient Spirits DLC new character expands the built up party. While adding to the available warriors. Which is also playable within the Family Trials mode. This newcomer’s combat mastery and unique playstyle is unqiue. So you cannot compare it with the skills of anyone else in these lands.

To ease the wait until the October 7th’s Ancient Spirits premiere, a piece of free Children of Morta content is now live. The latest update enriches the game with Consecration. While offering a new objective added to the combat focused Family Trials mode. Plus two full language localizations including voiceovers in Persian and Japanese. The Japanese voice over features the talented Takaya Hashi. He is certainly best known for his work on Naruto and Sailor Moon. Mr. Hashi provides his voice as the game’s sole narrator.

Full reveal and exact arrival of the Ancient Spirits is October 7th. The Ancient Spirits DLC will be priced at $4.99 USD. Which is due to be available on all platforms Children of Morta is currently on. So yes, Linux, as well as Mac and Windows PC.
If you have not, play the Very Positive base game via Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. All priced at $21.99 USD.

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