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Ancient Spirits DLC out for Children of Morta

ancient spirits dlc release game content for children of morta on linux mac windows pc

Ancient Spirits DLC releases with more game content for Children of Morta on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Dead Mage. Which is getting good reviews on both Steam and GOG.

Offspring born out of forbidden love. A warrior like no other. 11 bit studios and Dead Mage are eager to present the newest addition to the cast of playable characters. All within their roguelite dungeon crawling indie hit.

Children of Morta has received a steady flow of content. Ever since its release and six previous updates. These include a new character, a new combat focused gameplay mode, and a charity fundraising DLC. There are tons of gameplay variety improving Items and Relics. In Ancient Spirits, a new type of warrior arrives. This also brings two unique combat styles to a single fighter. Born out of the love between a man and a goblin. Here Yajouj’Majouj fluidly changes battle forms together with their basic and special attacks. All while switching between spinning whirlwinds of Spirit Embers or the magnetic. As well as the wounding power of a quirky ally.

Children of Morta: Ancient Spirits DLC | Launch Trailer

Alongside this additional character is playable in the Family Trials mode only. The Ancient Spirits DLC also includes new character masks to customize each family member. As well as five relics, five charms, and five graces. All due to provide players with new powers to further enhance combat and playstyle. Doing so in both the Story and Family Trials modes.

Children of Morta has steadily expanded its content since the 2019 launch. As of now, all of the above content is the base game with two paid DLCs, Ancient Spirits, and charity fundraising Paws and Claws. These can all be purchased as on in the Children of Morta: Complete Edition. Continuing 11 bit’s commitment to charity fundraising. All bundle sales still send partial proceeds to Humane Society International. So together we are all still helping animals across the globe. Which is already raising more than $200,000!

Children of Morta Ancient Spirits DLC is priced at $4.99 USD. Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which you can purchase on Steam and GOG.

Children of Morta: Ancient Spirits and Children of Morta: Complete Edition are available at a discount right now on Steam. Alongside the full catalogue in the 11 bit studios publisher sale taking place on Steam until October 14th.

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