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Android Gamers Beware: the Angry Temple Gorilla is Going to Smash Through Your Screens

Appstellations first offering receives overwhelming

response from gamers


It has been over two weeks since Appstellation released Angry Temple Gorilla upon the gaming world. Angry Temple Gorilla is essentially a mobile platform game that was launched by Appstellation on April 26th, 2012 on Google Play and as of now is on a rampage across more than 16,000 mobile phones running the Android OS.

Now there is no cause for alarm as this breed of gorilla will not be knocking down your front door anytime soon, or ever for that matter. It is more likely to give you sleepless nights, holding you captive in its virtual vise-like grip.

Before all hell broke loose in the Holy Coconut Temple, its sole resident Coco Jingo the gorilla, spent much of his time lolling around whilst munching on succulent coconut meat. But, the other critters of Bongo Land, namely the teeming bugs, alligators, birds, turtles and lizards, decide to charge en mass towards the temple to pick it clean of its delectable delights. Yet Jingo is not into caring and sharing his fruity possessions and unleashes the enraged beast within to defend his territory. Only with a ruthless player at the controls can Jingo unlock his full fury to blast away the invaders with his coconut cannonballs whilst avoiding poisonous pitfalls.

The game, downloadable from the company website and is the debut release and is determined to take the mobile gaming world by storm. Appstellation has considerable experience in ascertaining the tastes and preferences of its customers with regards to personal entertainment and has of late pooled its creative and technical expertise to spawn a menagerie of digitized treats.

Anastasia Layman, the spokesperson for Appstellation, commented: “We are ecstatic regarding the overwhelming response that Angry Temple Gorilla has generated so far and are working on a whole range of other interesting and exhilarating games and applications that we plan to release very soon. By signing up on Appstellation’s website, videogame aficionados and casual gamers alike can be promptly notified of the latest releases!”

The CEO of Appstellation, said: “Though Angry Temple Gorilla is our first offering, we have not compromised on the graphics and gameplay and have designed the game to exploit the latest processing and display technologies being integrated in mobile devices and smartphones, as well the latest accelerometer models. This dedication to excellence has borne out an engaging gaming experience for players and mobile users of all ages.”

Lachlan, who played the game on his Samsung Galaxy S II, exclaimed: “Great work guys! It’s fun, addicting, easy to learn how to play, nice ideas, cool graphics, and a good concept! Keep it up! More people need to play this!”

About Appstellation
Appstellation is an emerging player in the mobile applications and game development industry and prides itself on having a group of highly motivated, experienced and silicon savvy professionals as its driving force. The company aims to develop a wide assortment of innovative products and services targeted at iPhone and Android platforms, whereby harnessing the latest technologies ingrained within. Abiding by the latest standards entailed in software development, Appstellation has employed the best resources.


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