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Andromeda Acolytes open beta going live

andromeda acolytes text adventure games open beta is going live on linux mac windows pc

Andromeda Acolytes text adventure game’s open beta is going live on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. As a result of the efforts of developer Wade Clarke. But tomorrow, you can play the game via Steam.

The Andromeda Acolytes open beta will run from July 30th to August 2nd on Steam. Doing so ahead of the game’s Kickstarter launch on August 3rd. Players can sign up for the beta now on the game’s Steam page.

The Andromeda Acolytes beta introduces chapter one of this big sci-fi text adventure. Also the first of four PCs, mech pilot, and demolitions worker Korhva Vipsania. While on a routine clearance mission, she discovers a mysterious object. Doing so in the depths of Monarch Harbour.

Andromeda Acolytes Discord Introduction

For the text adventure uninitiated, or veterans who just need a refresher. The Andromeda Acolytes tutorial mode shows how to play. The beta acts as a teaser for the full game. And its also a a chance for players to share their individual playthroughs with the author. When the app is launched, players name a text file that will record their whole game’s output. This file can be emailed to author Wade Clarke afterwards. Doing so as can any feedback or questions.

Psychology drives the story for each Andromeda Acolytes character. All in a first-person style planting you firmly in their mindset. What is it like to experience character A through B’s eyes? B through A’s eyes? To oppose another character you’re also playing in the same game? To play a new world from multiple viewpoints?

Andromeda Acolytes seeks to exploit all the potential of the text adventure medium. Due to creating a thrilling adult story and gaming experience unique to the medium.

Sign up for the open beta by pressing the green Request Access button on the game’s Steam page. You’ll be notified as soon as the beta opens. Which will be available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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