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Angelic a new sci-fi turn based strategy RPG coming

angelic is a sci-fi turn based strategy rpg for windows pc via kickstarter but also coming to linux gaming

Angelic is a sci-fi turn based strategy RPG coming to Windows PC via Kickstarter, but also has sights on Linux gaming. Thanks to the good folks from the Metaverse team. Now releasing it’s first introduction to the game. And it looks VERY interesting.

So now that the first vlog of Angelic is available. We can certainly take a nice look at the game coming to Kickstarter at the end of October. The first vlog introduces the lore of the game universe. Along with an extensive look at the combat mechanics with some additional gameplay details.

Introducing detailed gameplay and the lore for the first time. This is the games first vlog for the community. Revealing details for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Angelic – Vlog #1 (Lore Introduction & Combat Reveal

Linux Support:

  • Angelic uses Unreal Engine 4. Particularly, 4.25.
  • Linux is one of our target platforms, yes. Priority wise, we focus on Windows PC as a first step. Consoles will follow and Linux / SteamOS will possibly be the last platform. We are an indie game developer. So we have to focus one platform at a time. And many things depend on our success at Kickstarter. Hopefully, if we won’t fail on our crowdfunding campaign. We definitely want to port the game to Linux as well.

Angelic is a story style sci-fi turn based strategy RPG. The games also takes place in a dark, science fiction universe. While you can gather up spectacular heroes, gain their respect, upgrade and customize them. Letting you delve into deep lore and an epic story. As you take on memorable journeys with multi-layered unique characters. Command your one of a kind spaceship and explore an unforgiving universe. Fight with your team to protect your allies. Harass the interests of repressive corporations. As search horrific infestation phenomena.

The Development Team:

Erkan Bayol, Game Director of Angelic, wants player to know the team consists of 40 talented people. Ranging from the US, Macedonia, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Australia, and Syria. He says “Instead of letting our dreams go once again, hide and wait until the storm passes. We have decided to embrace it. Ride it even!” referring the troubles caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Erkan also reminds the audience that “…the thing that bound us together was not money”. Since the team achieved the current status of the game without any investors. Just the the team’s own pocket money.

Metaverse team will release more vlogs and cinematic content. Doing so until the Angelic Kickstarter campaign begins later this month. You can also check out the videos on YouTube for more details. Due to arrive first for Windows PC, then consoles and a Linux gaming debut. That is if the Kickstarter crowdfunding is a success. Also be sure to join the games Discord.

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