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Angkor: Celebrations levels up match-3 gameplay

angkor: celebrations family friendly Match-3 gameplay releases on linux mac windows pc

Angkor: Celebrations is a family friendly Match-3 gaming releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Ironcode Gaming. The release is now live on Steam now.

Angkor: Celebrations come with some rather engaging gameplay. While tells the story of the player’s quests for the ancient heirloom, the ceremonial Kīla.
Due note, this is a family friendly Match-3 with engaging game. Which also includes (skippable) minigames.

Every hundred years, the Angkor magicians and sages get together. So they celebrate the humble beginnings of the secret mage town.
Likewise, this year, the great honour of assembling the ceremonial kīla comes upon you. Since you will have to travel lands far and wide. Using your wit and courage to be put to the test. Since you will be testd to the extreme in this task. Check out the trailer below for a quick look.

Angkor: Celebrations Trailer

Angkor: Celebrations follows a disciple with great potential. Since you are chosen and assigned a very important task. Meaning you have to locate the pieces and assemble the ceremonial kīla. Without the fully assembled kīla. The doors to the temple will not open and the celebrations cannot begin.

This year, the great honour of assembling the ceremonial kīla comes upon you. But due note, you can enjoy the game the way you want. So you can choose from timed play, move limited, or endless. Which means you can choose the Angkor: Celebrations difficulty that you think you can handle. You can also play the minigames, or skip them. That part is up to you.


  • Pick up and play✪ 101 levels of fun match making
  • Fun mini games included
  • Change the gameplay options anytime you choose
  • New types of runes and tiles

Angkor: Celebrations family friendly Match-3 releases priced at $7.99 USD. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam.

There is also an page, but only Mac and Windows PC are supported.

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