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Anilife animal survival launches on Kickstarter

anilife animal survival launches on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

Anilife new animal survival launches on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Diego Herrera. Due to make a full release in February 2021 via Steam. Kicking off the crowdfunding campaign with a pledge goal of £9,640 ($12,010 USD) goal.

Anilife is a beautiful animal survival game. Where questing and open roaming suddenly take a turn for the worst. Since your daily food haul brings the realisation that you are the food source. At least for other players.

Currently, in the first couple of days of a new Kickstarter. Anilife is gaining traction. And also a bunch of positive vibes from the gaming community on social media. Created by indie developer Diego Herrera. This new project certainly lets you explore a beautiful animal kingdom. Where you can work through the animal food chain. While unlocking bigger characters as your XP increases.

What platforms is Anilife set for?

Initially PC / Mac / Linux via Steam.

You start Anilife as a small furry animal of your choice. Spend the early days foraging for food, exploring and performing quests and minigames. As you also unlock secret portals, other biomes become available. As a result of expanding the adventure. The first biome you unlock is the hunting grounds. A free roaming meadow shared by other players in a multiplayer environment. A new problem is then realised. While you may be a small rabbit happily collecting carrots for your community. You are also the food source of other higher ranked players. Death is pretty harsh to a player’s progress. And unlike many other games you have to choose penalty before respawning. Lose XP, a family NPC, gems or coins previously won via mini games.

Anilife Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC

As an indie developer Diego wants to address two important factors. Raise the funds using Kickstarter to license the game. And doing so on various platforms. Plus, grow the Anilife player base. 100% of the received funds raised are going back into the production of the game.

As far as the Anilife readiness. The Beta should be ready after the summer for an end of year/early 2021 release. Diego wants the community to help shape the game. Which is why the kickstarter tiers are so attractive. The mid level tiers are able to submit ideas directly to the trello development plan. And even suggest quest storylines.

Anilife has 29 days left to hit the Kickstarter goal. The crowdfunding campaign is doing well already. With a full release due on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.