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ANNE fast paced platformer hits Early Access

anne fast paced platformer hits early access in linux mac windows pc games

ANNE is a fast paced platformer now on Steam in Linux, Mac, Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Gamesbymo Inc. Releasing on Early Access with cross platform support.

ANNE is an exploration game. One that also blends fast paced platformer. As well as a flying shooter (shmup) gameplay mechanic. While taking inspiration from 8-bit and 16-bit era games. A collection of pixels that will take you back to the early days. While using modern technologies and a refined visual style.
Actually it’s more of a handcrafted retro adventure. Doing so on an epic scale. Spanning more than six years of development.

ANNE Early access trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Explore the mystical and beautiful planet Gomi. Doing so on foot or with your spaceship. An action packed platformer mixed with a space shooter hybrid. Your mission is simple, retrieve ANNE and escape.


    • Explore on foot or at the command of your ship. Use both in order to search. So you can fine every piece of your fallen companion. And also explore inside caves and ruins on foot. Or move heavy objects using your ship. So you can access new areas.
    • Music by Basiscape. The studio of the legendary Hitoshi Sakimoto. Known for FF Tactics, Radiant Silvergun, Vagrant Story, FF12.
  • Explore a massive handcrafted world. Also fight more than 20 bosses!
  • 25 possible weapon combinations in ANNE. And 5 abilities for a whole lot of possible load outs.
  • Supports keyboard and mouse, d-pad controllers. As well as dual analogue controller aiming.
  • A game for everyone. Friendly options like (auto-aim and easy mode). Since this ensures a more casual experience. One that might be less challenging for some. If want to focus more on exploration. Without having to worry about ANNE’s challenging combat experience.

ANNE release is now on Early Access. Priced at $14.99 USD. Playble on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The games expecting to be in Early Access between 3 to 6 months.

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