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Anomaly 2 Releases On May 15, Pre-Order Now For A Second Copy Of The Game, 10 Percent Off


Previously teased as an untitled Mystery Game, Anomaly 2 is releasing in just a couple of weeks. Coming May 15th for Mac (and PC, Linux), this real time strategy/tower offense game is the sequel to the 11 Bit Studios’ previous efforts,Anomaly: Warzone Earth and Anomaly Korea, both originally made for iOS.

If you pre-order now, you’ll get two copies of the game, one for you and one for a friend, for $13.49, which is 10 percent off the final retail price of $14.99. You can grab this special deal at Steam or the official Anomaly 2 game site. However, before you head off to Steam, the devs promise an extra gift come launch day if you order directly from them. So, there’s that.

Anomaly 2 promises to take the real time strategy mechanics and game play from the first two games, and add even more awesomeness, like the ability to morph any of your troops into a different mech form. Also new is a multiplayer setup where you can play against other folks as either the humans or the towers, which sounds (and looks) like a ton of fun, to be honest. Check out the story trailer below to see what I mean.

There will be a new single player campaign, a new and improved visual engine, and alternative endings to entice you to hop in and give this one a try. Whether you pre-order now, grabbed it early as a mystery game, or wait for the full retail release on May 15th, you’re bound to have a blast playing through such a highly polished and strategic game on your Mac.




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