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Anomaly Defenders released today for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

The final instalment of the Anomaly series, Anomaly Defenders, has launched on Steam today for a mere US$10. It’s a #towerdefence game like the rest of the series, although with one cool twist: instead of playing as the humans, repelling the alien invaders, this time you’ll be playing as the aliens, fending off the Human attackers who have launched an interplanetary counter-attack.

Anomaly Defenders  is an incredibly pretty game. Going to the alien’s home planet has allowed for the artists to go overboard with the backgrounds, which is nothing shore of awesome. It’s always more interesting seeing lava worlds, ice and that grey-green futuristic mist that looks like it belongs in a Blade Runner or something equally dismal. It certainly beats the hell out of a HD top-down take on Iraq.

There’s 24 levels in the game, which should be enough to satiate all your tower defending needs. The previous Anomaly games have always been surprisingly good, so if you are a quiet fan of the genre, we strongly recommend giving this a go.

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