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Anti-SOPA group League For Gamers gains support

Browser games studio Night Owl Games backing lobbyists

Newly formed anti-SOPA group League For Games has gained further support from the industry as developer Night Owl Games pledges its support to the organisation.

Created by Red 5 Studios, the group was formed as a lobby group against the controversial SOPA currently going through US congress.

Browser games studio Night Owl, behind games such as MMO strategy game Dungeon overlord, has revealed it is backing the lobbyists, as it believes the potential for abuse from companies that comes with the Stop Piracy Online Act is far greater than the relief it would provide firms from piracy threats.

“We at Night Owl Games are opposed to any type of legislation that prevents innovation in online gaming,” said CEO Chris Mayer.

“We have decided to join the League for Gamers because we believe the new organisation will do a better job at representing the interests of the entire game industry rather than a small number of the biggest companies.

He added: “While we strongly believe that fighting piracy is a major concern for the games industry, the potential for abuse and the chilling effect of SOPA and PIPA outweigh any relief it might provide to copyright holders.

“We believe this new organisation can help us identify and support legislation that protects our industry while not inadvertently hurting creativity.”

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