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Anticipation can be fun

Sometimes the anticipation of a new game release is almost as fun as the game itself — at least unless you reach the “Duke Nukem” threshold.

“Duke Nukem Forever” was a whopping 15 years in the making, a wait nothing short of ridiculous. Other series can have a new, mostly high-quality installment every two to three years. Even with the right funding the Nukem sequel was, in the end, a flop critically.

What about announcing a 10-month wait for a an installment in a genre that had its heyday in the 80s? Does that make the wait 20 years, or 10 months? If all goes according to plan, Tim Schafer, the brains behind the critically acclaimed platformer “Psychonauts,” along with his team Double Fine Productions, the brains behind 1993’s adventure game “Day of the Tentacle,” will be teaming up to bring the latter genre back.

Classic adventure games, instead of relying on platforming and action sequences, have players progress through the game with a text menu, a variety of commands and an even larger variety of puzzles. Snappy dialogue, clever puzzles and a variety of amusing, clever outcomes are what make the critically acclaimed adventure games shine.

The idea behind Double Fine’s venture is to bypass the gaming industry’s traditional venues of funding through a corporate publisher- the same thing preventing Schafer from developing “Psychonauts 2” — and turning to the fans of the adventure genre for help. The project’s Kickstarter page reached its goal of $400,000 in pledges in just a little over eight hours, and is currently sitting at approximately $2 million from more than 31,000 donators.

Suffice to say, we’ll very likely be seeing a modern twist on a blast from the past by the end of the year. Pledgers will get a code to download the completed game on Steam, along with a smattering of other cool gear depending on how much money you donate. The game will be available in five different languages on PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as on your iPhone or Android.

Better still, Double Fine will be teaming up 2 Player Productions to document the entire process, from conceptualization to finalization, for your viewing and learning pleasure.

You can find Double Fine’s Kickstarter page at

Donations close and the fun begins March 13.

Speaking of “Psychonauts,” Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson half-jokingly sent a Tweet a few weeks ago to Schafer, offering to fully fund a sequel. (By the way, if you have Steam and you have not played “Psychonauts,” I cannot tell you to download it fast enough. You can also pick it up for the XBox 360 or PlayStation 2 if you’re technologically inclined.)

It’s way too early to know for certain whether this is actually a possibility, or if other parties will help pick up the tab, but hey, a girl can dream. It’s only been five years since the original was released.

No point in being mad yet. After all, we haven’t reached the 15-year threshold.

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