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Aoineko Studios Announces Key Additions to the Kitaru Voice Cast

Kickstarter News: Linux and Android game – Kitaru

Phoenix, May 8th, 2012Aoineko Studios, an award-winning gaming and animation studio based in Phoenix, Arizona, launched a Kickstarter campaign on Thursday, April 19, to raise development funds for their new 3D role-playing game called Kitaru. Over the past two and a half weeks, Aoineko Studios has passed the 50% funded level with pledges now totaling nearly $14,000. Kitaru is being backed by gamers, actors, and industry professionals all over the world. Aoineko Studios would like to formally thank everyone for their generosity in helping to assemble the resources necessary to bring Kitaru to market later in 2012.


[kee-tah-roo] n. “Spirit Blood Returns”

1. Yuna folklore states after a thousand years of waiting, the return of an angel known as ‘Kita’, the promised hero, will lead them to victory over their oppressors

2. Science fiction RPG in a cyberpunk dystopia with a red-headed protagonist

Additionally, Aoineko Studios is now formally announcing the voice cast of Yuri Lowenthal, voice of TV’s Ben10, the prince in The Prince of Persia, and Soulcalibur V. Yuri Lowenthal will be joined by Tara Platt, highly-regarded for her work on Final Fantasy XIII, Naruto, Bleach, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In addition to progress in cast, rapid advancement has also been made with the game. The main focus right now for the development team is building and configuring the custom battle systems. These new active time battle systems will allow players to shuffle their moves in an action queue, thus keeping the pressure on opponents at all times, while also requiring strategy to manage time and resources. The team is also designing new game levels and terrains, where the key characters will explore a wide range of urban, natural and industrial landscapes, such as decaying cities, deserted wastelands, and heavily guarded industrial complexes.

Aoineko Studios recently announced that Kitaru will not only be DRM free, but that a Linux version is now in the works as well. “We want to accommodate as many platforms as possible and make installation easy. Games are supposed to be fun, after all. Too often it becomes a headache just to get a game working properly. We’re delighted and amazed at the response we’ve received thus far. We are now announcing stretch goals for Kitaru’s Kickstarter campaign at $50,000 and $75,000 that would enable us to add more levels, deepen character interactions, and translate Kitaru for other languages. Reaching those milestones would literally be a dream come true.” — Ben Steele (Creator of Kitaru, owner of Aoineko Studios)


“Each week, we will continue to update the Kickstarter campaign, as well as the web page, with video progression of not only the game, but with interviews of the development team members who are actively building Kitaru. It is not only important for us to show the weekly progress that we are making, but to also let backers know that every comment and suggestion they make is being reviewed and considered. If backers have a concern, foresee something they would like to have added to the game, or have a helpful suggestion, we will take it into account as we are building the game. These are the people we are making Kitaru for, and with their continued support for Kitaru, we are happy to integrate their ideas for what they would like in a game.” — Lisa Palenica (Producer of Kitaru, owner of Platinum Assassin Film & Multimedia)


Aoineko Studios is planning to release additional episodes of Kitaru over the next several years, with multiple follow-on episodes having already been written and planned. Each episode is expected to feature eight to ten hours of game play. Backers should be pleased to know that a full length feature film has also been written in conjunction with the game. With the generous help of Kitaru fans and backers on Kickstarter, this fund raising campaign will allow Aoineko Studios to bring Kitaru to market, and to hopefully expand the franchise as we move forward. Aoineko Studios thanks you again for your wonderful support.

Many thanks to Gamasutra for this press release.