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Apocryph first person shooter releases on Steam

apocryph first person shooter releases on steam in linux windows games

Apocryph is a first person shooter for Linux and Windows releases on Steam. Gameplay is also set in a brutal dark fantasy world. This is definitely an old-school fantasy shooter. Available now for $19.99 USD.

So prepare for intense sword-and-sorcery FPS action amidst forgotten castles. Exploring evil shrines and decrepit dungeons. Oh baby.

Since we are all fans of the ultra-graphic glory days of the First-Person Shooter. Such as “Hexen,” “Duke Nukem 3D,” “Rise of the Triad,” and “Doom II” era of video gaming.

Maybe you are ready for a little modern-caliber visual candy. While including some classic blast-em-up gameplay.
Well, you want to check out Apocryph.

Apocryph Steam Release Trailer (Linux, Windows)

Simply put, imagine if “Painkiller” and “Shadow Warrior (2013)” had a baby. And then locked it in a demon-infested crawl-space where it was raised by “Hexen.” So from there you have the gore-laden, carnage-spell-festival that is Apocryph.

Apocryph first person shooter content:

“Please take a note that we are working on the game. New big portion of additional content will be added by the end of the May. And we’ll not stop developing and add free updates. Total gameplay time will be around 10 hours.”


  • Static, carefully handcrafted levels and level-hubs, all packed with secrets, monsters and traps.
  • Your character can wield up to 9 different weapons with alternative fire modes, including melee armaments, spells, staffs and artifacts.
  • Items can help you in tough situations, health potions will aid your health, mana vials can restore your mana, combat items can do some damage to an opponent.
  • There are also more rare and powerful relics around. Such as the mean Obliterator Mask, which encases you in a suit of nigh-impenetrable armor. And also allows you to bash enemies with your plain fists. While sending powerful shockwaves across the walls and floor. Or the Essence of the Reaper, which turns you into an avatar of Death itself. Boosting your speed, granting you wings to perform double jumps. And a wicked scythe which cleaves and destroys any opponent.
  • Some weapons and items can be used to stun enemies, freeze them solid, deal area of effect damage or even provide defensive measures.
  • The game uses a sophisticated gore system. A powerful finishing blow can rip a part of the enemy right out of him, while critically over damaging an opponent literally blows them to pieces, with limbs flying across the room and sticking to the walls.

The is the brainchild of Bigzur Games. Apocryph uses all of the latest visual shock-and-awe. So it can muster to subsume players in an audacious, supernatural, ultra-shiny carnage festival of the first rank.

Apocryph releases on Steam:

Apocryph first person shooter is available now on Steam for Linux and Windows. Which releases, priced at $19.99 USD.

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