AQUAMARINE Kickstarter native support update

aquamarine sci fi exploration kickstarter linux support update

AQUAMARINE is a sci-fi exploration game set in a hand-drawn alien ocean, coming to Windows, Mac and we have a support update for Linux. After reaching out to developer Moebial Studios for details about their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Since the campaign is already seeing 18% in funding.

In January 2018, Brooklyn-based music journalist Patric Fallon began Moebial Studios. Doing so as a creative hobby with photographer/graphic designer Tonje Thilesen. With hopes of combining their loves for narrative games, experimental music, and avant-garde aesthetics. Starting out to find their own niche in the gaming world.

So now the developers have the Kickstarter campaign for their first title, Aquamarine on Itch. The trailer below also reveals the distinctive, hand-drawn artwork and snippets of early gameplay. Plus an original theme music by composer Jeremy Malvin (aka Chrome Sparks).

Linux Support Update:

“We are using Unity as our game engine. And do hope to have a Linux port in the future. Either as a stretch goal on our campaign or as a post-release project in the future. Our knowledge and access of Linux is extremely limited now. But of course we’d like to make Aquamarine as available to everyone as possible.

Knowing how passionate the Linux community is about games and supporting devs. I am going to make this a priority if we’re successfully funded.”

So this is indeed hopeful and the studios’ very first game. The goal is to hit that $25,000 USD funding and keep development moving forward.
But I can personally confirm that the Windows Demo works via Wine. Just make sure to enable Windowed mode in the launcher and lower the graphics quality. Otherwise this could hang the game.

AQUAMARINE sci-fi exploration now on Kickstarter (Windows, Mac, maybe Linux)

Gamemplayer takes inspiration from the comics of French artist Moebius. And also psychedelic sci-fi movies of the ’70s and ’80s. Aquamarine tells the story of a lone space traveller who is a cast away on an unknown planet. Since the planets surface is completely water. Players must explore and survive their journey through the alien ocean depths. Trying to recover their crashed ship and hopefully escape in tact.

Gameplay is turn-based, emphasizing defense and tactical maneuvers over combat, and focuses on collecting and managing limited resources, deciphering a dynamic ecosystem, and unravelling the planet’s mysterious history through puzzles and exploration. Over the course of Aquamarine, players will upgrade and customize their escape pod with a number of special abilities and tap into the planet’s natural elements to power their progress.

Aquamarine‘s Kickstarter campaign is live now through October 30th. The point-and-click exploration game is currently in development for Windows and Mac. With an estimated release of Spring 2019. Also with this support update. There is a playable, pre-alpha demo now available for free download on Moebial’s page. Which plays well via Wine on Linux, just be sure to lower graphics and enable Windowed mode.

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