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Aquamarine Kickstarter now has a native Demo

aquamarine kickstarter now has a linux demo

Aquamarine is a small-scale, point-and-click exploration Kickstarter for Windows and Mac, now has a Linux Demo as well. The crowdfunding campaign is doing well, now 26% funded towards that $25,000 USD goal.

The release Aquamarine is coming to Steam in Spring 2019. Also under development by independent developers Moebial Studios. Also taking inspiration by the comics of French artist Moebius, roguelikes, and ’70s-era psychedelic sci-fi. Aquamarine tells the story of a nameless space traveller stuck on a remote planet covered in water.

Aquamarine sci-fi exploration Kickstarter (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Moebial Studios have something fresh this weekend. The first big update to Aquamarine’s pre-alpha demo is available for free download!

Linux Demo:

So this latest version includes new content (including an improved ending). There are also some interface and mechanics polishing for added clarity. A handful of big and small bug fixes and a tiny balance tweak or two. The developer also adds a brand-new Linux build to our page.

Since Moebial Studios wants to bring Aquamarine to Linux for the full release. So the dev’s are working this into the development schedule.

In Aquamarine gameplay players must survive the environment. And then navigate their escape pod through the alien ocean depths. While discovering its hidden past, recovering their crashed ship and escaping.

This is really an interesting game for a point and click. So if you interested in catching a small glimpse of where the world design and gameplay is headed. Check out the pre-alpha links above. Just in mind that everything in the demo, from graphics to gameplay, is an unfinished work in progress.

Aquamarine is available now on Kickstarter crowdfunding. Doing well, since the campaign ends on October 30 2018 11:00 PM EDT. And now with that Linux Demo releasing, even more reason to explore the depths of the unknown.

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