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Aquapark Tycoon tests your business skills

aquapark tycoon is a cozy simulation game that's heading to linux mac and windows pc

Aquapark Tycoon is a cozy simulation game that’s heading to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The skilled team at Boxelware deserves a thank you for their creative work. Due to make its way onto Steam.

For all the tycoon fans out there! Boxelware, the German indie studio that wowed us with Avorion, is bringing something new and splashy to the scene: Aquapark Tycoon. If you’re into creating, strategizing, and managing, then this cozy simulation is your ideal pool party.

Let’s dive in and see what makes Aquapark Tycoon a must for Linux gamers. First off, you’re the manager of a water park. So that means crafting pool areas, adrenaline-pumping water slides, and chill-out zones like saunas. Every day throws new events at you, challenging both your creative chops and management skills.

Konstantin Kronfeldner, the brain behind Boxelware, is excited about this. After their hit with Avorion, they’re diving into a different kind of fun – water parks. It’s also a fresh twist, blending building cool parks with the thrill of running a business.

So, what’s in store with Aquapark Tycoon? A whole ocean of things. You can design jaw-dropping indoor and outdoor water parks. Choose from a ton of pool types – whether you want a wave pool, a lazy river, or a kiddie splash zone, it’s all there. The best part? Customizing your own water slides with a modular construction system. Imagine the loops and drops you can create.

Aquapark Tycoon – Announcement Teaser

Saunas are also big in Aquapark Tycoon. You’re not just sticking with one type; there are 10 different ones. Customize them with temperature settings, humidity levels, and even what kind of scent infusions to use. It’s about giving every guest, whether they’re teens, families, or older guests, their perfect place to relax or have fun.

Don’t forget the seasons. In summer, your pools will be the hit. Winter? No problem. Heat up those pools, turn on the saunas, and keep the fun going. Since Aquapark Tycoon is all about keeping your guests happy and coming back for more.

Of course, running a park isn’t just about the park features. You’ve got to keep an eye on the finances and make sure your staff is on point. It’s about finding that balance to keep everything running smoothly. Due to make sure your guests leave with big smiles.

And for those who also like a challenge, the game has various scenarios to tackle. Or you can go wild in sandbox mode, setting your own goals and building the water park of your dreams.

The cozy simulation game is set to hit Linux, Mac, and Windows PC in 2025, and considering Avorion’s success, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of attention around it. So, for anyone who likes building, managing, and just having a good time creating something awesome, keep an eye out for Aquapark Tycoon. Wishlist it on Steam. And join the Discord server.

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