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Araetis – Graphic Designers, Digital Artists, Mappers (tileset), Writers & Beta Testers

Brief description: Araetis is an upcoming 2D Online RPG under heavy development. It attempts to reminisce old, addicting and immensely enjoyable roleplaying games from our youth (à la A Link To The Past). The game has been in production for two weeks and is already oozing with potential. The art style will be similar to the old, charming typical RPGs from the past. A mixture of classy tilesets and intelligent design will make Araetis a game for everyone. Its huge open world will be delight to explore and a large quantity of gear and items will bring the most OCD of us into a collecting frenzy. Additionally, our dynamic questing, paperdolling and development system will make it easy to regularly add content to the game post-release.

Target aim: The game will be free to play. Should server costs exceed what we can afford, we may ask for support from the playerbase through non-gameplay altering bonuses for donators. (I.e; different chat colors, different looking sprites, etc.) – The development team should not be attempting to profit from the game. Its purpose is to learn and have fun while doing so.

Compensation: We are seeking enthusiastic developers that are interested in the project itself and would like to participate in its development free of charge. Araetis will be a non-profit game and the aim of its development is to produce a quality 2D Online RPG and to learn and have fun while doing it. You WILL be credited for your work.

Technology: Araetis will be released on Windows, Linux (Wine) and very likely MAC in the future. The programming language is C# under XNA. Artists and developers may use the tool of their choice for development in their specific domain.

Talent needed:

Graphic Designers
Graphic designers will be tasked with numerous tasks related both to the game itself and to marketing & web design. They will be required to produce, among other things, GUI interfaces for the game, icons (spells, quests, etc.), web design, marketing campaigns (screenshots, advertisement banners, etc.) – They will achieve these tasks while closely working with the Digital Artists to ensure quality work.

Digital Artists
The digital artists will be assigned with tasks such as drawing NPC profile pictures, spell effects, material for advertisement banners, etc. They will work closely with graphic designers to ensure the quality of production that will appeal to as many players as possible.

Mappers will be trained and taught on how to use our 2D mapping software in order to create a beautiful, interesting and compelling world to explore and tell the story of Araetis in. Previous tilesets/2D mapping knowledge is preferred although not required at all. It’s very easy to learn, all it takes is a good dose of creativity.

Writers are particularly creative individuals that will be tasked with developing Araetis’ storyline and make it come to life. They will write the background story of the game, quests, come up with ideas for organized real-time events and make sure all the storyline makes logical sense all the while being a palpitating and exciting tale for the players to participate in.

Beta testers
Beta testers will be in charge of testing the game and new features to come before they are released to the playerbase. They will also be tasked with making sure the game is fun to play, bug-free. Besides that, they will be tasked with testing out all the different items, quests and gear in the game to ensure everything is balanced and fair regardless of the path you choose for your character.

Please note that as an indie project, all of the team members are largely versatile and often develop within domains outside of their specialization. Digital artists will often find themselves doing graphic design and game designers with artistic abilities might often help accelerate the pace for pixel artists by drawing up paperdoll sheets themselves, etc.

Even if all the roles above are not filled, we will still develop Araetis and bring it to completion, it’ll just take more time as the task list is fairly large.

Team structure:

Karl (aka Monkeys)
Monkeys is the project leader. He’s a jack of all trades and assists in pretty much all the departments from programming to art. However, the focus of his attention is game design and management. He’s the one that designs the foundations of Araetis (storyline, map, questline, features, etc.) and ensures that all the team members have all the information they need to work efficiently and develop with quality.

Shawn (aka Drew)
Simply put, Drew is the programmer. He’s the one that codes the server software (multiplayer connectivity, logging, account management, etc.) and the game client/engine. He takes the designer’s game document and ardently programs all the features.

Ashton (aka Annahstas)
Ash is a digital artist, however her focus in Araetis is to draw all the gear the players can come across and wear. Most prominently, she draws the paperdoll sheets so your character can look awesome wearing his Blade of the Infinite Awesome +54 Destruction.

While our team is fairly small at the moment, you can see we have a good foundation (designer, programmer & artist) for a 2D ORPG and are eagerly seeking to welcome new developers in our team.

Website: (Work In Progress)


Steam (Clicky!)
Skype: MonsieurChatouilles
E-mail: nameverytough [at] hotmail [dot] com
Araetis forums (Clicky!)

Previous Work by Team: Monkeys and Drews are the two developers of LifePunch, some of Garry’s Mod most popular gameservers with custom designed and coded gamemodes.

Additional Info:

Please note that the tone of this post may seem indimitatingly professional, but truly, we’re just a group of young adults hoping to have a blast and learn as much as we can by using our game development knowledge and produce a quality, fun to play game. We’re all very friendly and inspiration will never lack. Even if you’re a beginner hoping to gain experience, we’d LOVE to have you on board and will always be here to encourage you.

The following images are only a vague preview of Araetis’ feel and not a true representation of the final product.

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