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Aragami: Shadow Edition launches today

aragami shadow edition launches today on linux mac windows

Aragami: Shadow Edition and the story expansion Nightfall launches today on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. While GOG and Humble Store list the base game, but no new content, yet.

So the Aragami: Shadow Edition includes the original base game and the expansion Nightfall. Which is all currently released DLC. The game and expansion also support full 2 player online co-op in cross-platform multiplayer between consoles and Linux, Mac, Windows.

About Aragami:
Aragami is a 3rd-person action stealth game. Which casts you as an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows. Since you can teleport to any shadow, become invisible, materialize weapons. Even summon a shadow dragon to infiltrate the enemy ranks. And also dispose of your targets.

Aragami Shadow Edition | Announcement Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

A game heavily inspired by old-school stealth games like Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid, and more recent gems like Mark of the Ninja and Dishonored. Use your powers to play as a Ghost, remaining undetected and getting to your target without a whisper. Or you can play a total Demon, slaying everyone in your path and using your powers to wreak havoc on those who would stand against you.

About Aragami Nightfall:
Nightfall is a  4-chapter prequel that takes place right before the events of the base game and fills in the some key narrative points left open in the original game. 2 new playable characters, all new deadly shadow powers, and an expanded storyline that can all be played.

Aragami: Nightfall – Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Steam, GOG and Humble Store launches:

So Aragami Shadow Edition priced at $16.98 USD including the 43% discount on Steam. While Nightfall/strong> launches with a 10% discount, priced at $8.99 USD on Humble Store too. And the deal only runs until June 12th.

So if you are eager to get into gameplay on Linux, now is the best time.
And the GOG and Humble Store will likely see a listing. But at the time of posting, these are not available.

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