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Aragami stealth adventure sales are over 140,000 copies

aragami stealth adventure sales over 140,000 copies on linux mac pc

So Lince Works just announced that after five short months the #stealth #adventure game, Aragami, sells over 140,000 copies on Linux, Mac, Windows PC and Playstation 4.

Since the new #leveleditor lets players design and upload their own custom scenarios.Which is available under Missions, Create New. So here’s what you can do in the level editor on Linux.

Check the video if you needed more information:

  • Design your own levels. Upload them to Steam Workshop.
  • Share them with thousands of Aragami players.
  • Download hundreds of new levels and missions for Aragami.
  • Multiplayer support! Play any level with online multiplayer!
  • Hundreds of props to desing your own scenario.
  • Place and design your own enemy patrols.
  • 3 main objectives: Infiltration, Heist and Target Hunt.
  • 1 new enemy type: The V.I.P.! Hunt him down in Target Hunt.
  • 3 different locations: Graveyard, Forest and City.
  • 3 level sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
  • Different level variants: Pacifist, No Alerts and Time Limit.

So Lince Works co-founder and Program-Lead, David Leon, talks about Aragami and the success of the indie stealth title:

We’re still getting all the numbers in from PlayStation4 for February and March, but the game has been a massive success there as well. Thanks to this support, we’re now in an amazing space where we alone can decide on the future of our games and the studio itself. And we owe it all to our amazing fans.

The timing of this milestone couldn’t have been sweeter as we’d just released Steam Work Shop support to our PC fans. I recall how in the In the 90’s all of us on the team spent hours upon hours in the Tenchu 2 level editor, so we knew we wanted to give the same experience to our own players if the game’s success meant we could focus time and effort on something similar.

So Aragami is an impressive stealth adventure game available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which is well worth playing and designing your own challenges, and of course uploading them to Workshop.

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