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Arcade Spirits visual novel release coming soon

arcade spirits visual novel release coming soon in linux mac windows games

Arcade Spirits the visual novel is getting closer to release in Linux, Mac and Window games. PQube Limited are happy to announce that the discount. Available on Steam, Itch, Green Man Gaming and soon Gamejolt. Actually the best pre-order discount is on Green Man Gaming, issuing a Steam key.

While Arcade Spirits will have player diving into a thrilling romantic story. Development follows an arcade culture nostalgia. Where you the player can be anyone. Love anyone and chase your dreams in this visual novel.
Throughout the games chapters, your decisions will shape your personality. Also relationships even have an effect on the future of your arcade.

An eclectic and stellar voice cast with notable persons. Such as LilyPichu, Stephanie Sheh, Price Johnson, Graham Stark and many more. All lend their excellent talents to the characters of Arcade Spirits. While giving life and energy to the game like never before. Because there are a few emo-game fans in the community.

Arcade Spirits Release Date Announcement (Linux, Mac and Windows)

While the story takes place in 20XX. Your story follows an alternate timeline. Where the 1983 video game crash never occurs. Yet you start a new job at the popular arcade, Funplex. Will you find the romance you’re seeking?

Arcade Spirits will release on Steam on February 12th, 2019 for Linux. A perfect title for Valentines Day this year
Fiction Factory Games will also be releasing a deluxe edition. This features the absolutely phenomenal synthwave soundtrack from Greg Mirles. Also a 54-page digital artbook containing early character sketches. Including full-colour high-quality art and background information. This also comes with notes about the game’s development.

Since the release will be available on Steam, Itch, Green Man Gaming and soon Gamejolt. Priced at $20 USD plus a discount. The games worth checking out. And also make sure to play the Free Demo on Steam.