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Arco Demo brings worthy tactical action

arco demo for the tactical action game is now available to play on linux via proton with windows pc

Arco Demo for the tactical action game is now available to play on Linux via Proton with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative team of Franek, Max Cahill, Bibiki, and Fáyer. Now available to try on Steam.

Arco, a new tactical action title, and the developers have just released a demo. It’s very playable on Linux via Proton, and it’s worth playing, especially if you’re into RPGs with a twist.

First off, the demo itself is a great sample of what the launch has in store. You get to step into the shoes of Itzae, one of the four main characters in the full version. Each of these characters has their unique scenario, adding heaps of replay value. This includes a tutorial to get you up to speed, and a portion of the campaign to immerse you in the world. As well as a mysterious dungeon to explore.

But wait, there’s more! The Arco demo also features an Arena mode. This is where you can dive deep into the combat mechanics of the game. It’s a playground to test different strategies, customize your character, and get a feel for how battles will take place. This is particularly unique since the game boasts a “simultaneous turn-based” combat system. As a result, you have to plan your moves smartly and anticipate your opponent’s actions.

Arco: A Closer Look at Gameplay in the Demo

Speaking of the team behind the Arco demo, it’s an international dream team. Including the talents of Franek Nowotniak from Poland, bringing pixel art to life. Max Cahill from Australia weaving the gameplay. José Ramón “Bibiki” García from Spain creating a deep soundscape. And of course Antonio “Fáyer” Uribe from Mexico, an industry pro. This blend of global creativity really shines in every aspect of gameplay.

Due to release on Steam later this year, taking you on a journey through a stunning world filled with forests, plains, and deserts. Your mission? To take down the Red Company gang. As you progress, you’ll encounter different warriors, colonizers, and creatures. Each step is a chance to shape your story, which unfolds through the outlooks of four distinct heroes.

What makes the Arco demo stand out is its emphasis on strategy. You’re not just hacking and slashing your way through; you’re thinking, planning, and adapting. On top of that, you’re unlocking new skills, recruiting allies, and gathering resources. The story is engaging, offering a tale full of danger and excitement that unravels in a beautifully crafted world.

So, if you’re looking for something fresh and engaging in the RPG arena, definitely give the Arco demo a try. It’s a glimpse into a tactical action game that promises to be both challenging and captivating. I’m looking forward to seeing the full Linux launch later this year! Currently playable via Proton with the Windows PC build on Steam.