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Sales are bad for games?

Some of you may know of the game Cardinal Quest (a fast paced rougelike – it’s pretty cool go check it out) by a guy named Ido Yehieli, well he wrote a blog post I have been meaning to bring to light for a while but kept forgetting (I have a back log of articles to cover!).

The blog post is titled Why Bundles and Steam Good for Most Indies regarding sales and brings to light some problems with what is currently going on in Indie land for a few developers, he isn’t the first one to call out on the problems either – one of our frequent visitors Alex from Kot-In-Action (who make Steel Storm) when I interviewed back in October 2011 also mentioned how bad a time he had being included in a Humble Indie Bundle as a bonus game.

So what do you all think about bundles and massive sales cutting out a lot of revenue for Indies? Personally I am very torn on the issue as the Humble Indie Bundle guys have gotten a lot of games ported over to Linux which then later on mostly get included on Desura for purchase as well.
Developers like Frictional Games have had one of their games included in a HIB (Penumbra) but their other game Amnesia judging from their posts on their blog and forum has done well for itself staying away from these kind of sales.

Update 09/01/12;

As pointed out by Robert is that Frictional Games – Amnesia sold most of it’s copies when it was on sale and most of them at a reduced price of up to 66%!

It seems everyone has such different opinions on the matter and it creates some heated discussion!

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