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Argumentum ad culpam is a battles of wits

argumentum ad culpam a gothic visual novel game will test you on linux and windows pc

Argumentum ad culpam a gothic visual novel game will test you on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the teams at Tagetes and TellerySpyro_GTX for their amazing work. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Argumentum ad culpam transports players to a dark and mesmerizing world, like stepping into a gothic fairy tale. The backdrop? A crumbling place known as the Scarlet Fortress. Step into the most awe-inspiring castle, now forgotten by time, slowly decaying, yet full of secrets and rich histories.

At the heart of the story in Argumentum ad culpam, there’s a wizard named Luftschlösser who once made a pact with a powerful demon, Duke Luthedor. But here’s the twist: the Duke isn’t faring so well these days. So much so that three mighty transcendents are locked in a debate over Luthedor’s past actions. Since their each trying to tell their version of a story to take control.

Here’s where you step into this gothic visual novel. You aren’t just a bystander. You’re the referee and the decision-maker. Depending on how you judge their arguments and pick sides, the destinies of the wizard, the Duke, and even the transcendents can change dramatically. Think of it like a mystery novel, where you get to play detective and decide how the story unfolds.

Argumentum ad culpam | Trailer

Now, you won’t be throwing punches or casting spells. Instead, you’ll engage in battles of wit! It’s a contest of who’s the sharpest, the most persuasive. Each character also has their way of arguing, and the wizard? Well, he can join the fray or even help one of the transcendents if he wishes. This unique form of combat is what makes Argumentum ad culpam stand out. Remember, the stakes are sky-high. Just like in real life, where choices have outcomes. Here too, any character, even our main wizard, might not make it through depending on your decisions.

Your decisions matter so much that there are nine different possible endings in Argumentum ad culpam. Imagine reading a book where you get to decide which one you’ll experience.

Also, to complete the mood, as you navigate through this captivating journey, the background is adorned with over 10 live piano tracks. These aren’t your typical jingles but soulful melodies that enhance the feel of this world.

Curious? There’s a free Demo version available for Linux. Due to give you a taste of the prologue and a sneak peek into the first of these mind battles. There are even two endings to discover right there.

Argumentum ad culpam isn’t just a gothic visual novel game. It’s a unique blend of storytelling, strategy, and atmospheric music. Due to ensure an unforgettable journey through the hauntingly beautiful Scarlet Fortress. Give it a try, and remember, your choices shape the story.
Also, make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Due to making its way onto Linux and Windows PC.

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