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ARK Extinction expansion releases with a sale

ark extinction expansion releases on sale for linux mac windows

ARK Extinction expansion releases for Linux, Mac and Windows with the Steam Sale. So now would be the time to get into the latest release from Studio Wildcard. Which also launches the third expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved. Now is the time to check out the discounts on Steam.

So now ARK Extinction adds a new game area to the survival hit. This also marks the pinnacle of the ARK background story. Taking players back to where it all began – the Earth. ARK: Extinction is now available now on Steam with Mostly Positive reviews. Which is also included in the Season Pass, which I do own. And looking at the trailer and features below. I might have to get back into the game.

The ARK Extinction Trailer on YouTube:

ARK Extinction Features

New mutations of numerous creatures must be tamed by the players. While they battle to survive in the new ARK game area.

  • The Ultimate Challenge: Players must tame the Titans and kill gigantic boss monsters. Only those who put everything on one card will complete the ARC cycle. And also save the future of the earth!
  • New Creatures: Gasbags, full of gas, these creatures serve as a means of transport for the players. And Snow Owls transform any danger into ice statues. Even more dangerous, however, is the Velonasaur, which fires a barrage of prickly projectiles, but in the ruins of the earth are waiting many more new – deadly creatures.
  • New Toys: Players can use Cryopods to drop their creatures in their inventory and bring them back any time to surprise careless opponents. Players can now cross huge chasms with the Tek bridge. And thanks to balloons, players can now send objects directly to the home base.
  • Orbital Drops: Orbital dropping supply boxes of new equipment and resources. that are not just conquered by corrupted creatures but by other players as well.
  • New game area: in the ruins of an abandoned metropolis, numerous adventures await brave players – but they are not alone in the former bastion of humanity.
  • Proto-ARKs: Early simulations of the three predominant ecosystems – Crater Forest, Desert and Tundra – await players.
  • Advanced Meks: new Meks with customizable weapons against the toughest bosses. Unlocking the ultimate secret of the ARK.

ARK Extinction is now available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Priced at $19.99 USD on Steam. Or already included if you own the Season Pass on Steam. Which is on sale with a 35% discount until November 13th.

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