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ARK Survival Evolved release date revealed

ark survival evolved release date for linux mac windows pc

ARK Survival Evolved, with more than 2 million #EarlyAccess players on Linux, Mac, Windows PC and over 1 million pre-release Xbox One players, this survival title will go live with a #final #version this summer, across all platforms.

ARK Survival Evolved focuses on two main concepts: survival, similar to Rust, seeing everything in the world wants to see your player dead. Then the capturing and training of dinosaurs, such as pteranodons, raptors and tyrannosaurus rexes. This unforgiving simulator is proving to be extremely popular among PC and console players alike, so expect the full release to make headlines.

The final version of ARK Survival Evolved will release in June, 2016, for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. There is still no final release date, but we will update this post as soon as the developers make the announcement.

Start playing the pre-release version on Linux right now, but bear in mind that this is a preview build.

ARK’s announcement trailer give players a good idea of what you will be dealing with here: form a tribe, stay alive, hunt and capture dinosaurs and build settlements.

And yes, playing ARK is a long-term investment, so do not expect a lot of instant pay-off. Gameplay is really centered around the capture, taming and breeding the best dinosaurs while trying to stay alive. Remember, death is permanent! Get killed and your character stays dead, so deciding to trust other players is a major issue during gameplay.

More than 50 dinosaurs are available for training via a process described as “subdue & protect.” Both you and your fellow tribe members need to wound a creature sufficiently to knock it out, before nursing it back to health and training it. If you train the animal properly, it responds to your commands, if not, there could be issues. ARK rewards players with patience and time, so be prepared to put the hours in.


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