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ARK: Survival Evolved updates & release delay

ark: survival evolved updates and release delay linux mac windows games on steam

While ARK: Survival Evolved will see a release delay from August 8th to August 29th on Steam. Additional updates will be coming to the game to make up for the later release. Since this will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows. The details are outlined in a new blog post. Studio Wildcard explain the tough decision but assure fans the extra time will offer a better finished product. Despite ARK: Survival Evolved being certified gold for the retail release. The process “took a little longer than expected.”

Yet the games content roadmap has seen a few significant changes. So the officially modded Ragnarok map content will see a release delay until August 29th as well. So the map’s developers can increase its overworld size by a full 25 percent. All custom Dino variants within the mod will transfer over to ARK: Survival Evolved using the CrossARK system.

Wildcard longstanding issues that will be getting huge attention:

  • Boss difficulty will be tweaked to make encounters challenging but more reasonable.
  • Baby Dinos will no longer glitch and die during the aging process.
  • Patches will ensure hackers can’t glitch themselves under maps like TheCenter.
  • Networking improvements will prevent DDoS attacks, server crashes and duping Dinos.
  • PC-dedicated console server support is still coming.
  • An option will make sure big-headed Dinos get out of the way when following players.

While no specific dates are put forth for any of these fixes. Some of them are to be pushed through August to hopefully be live for the games new official release date.

So for those who followi ARK: Survival Evolved closely. There is no secret, Studio Wildcard are working very hard to bring ARK: Survival Evolved up to a fully polished state. During July, massive patches were seen across Linux, Mac and Windows. Since they address many small issues. While compatibility and server hangups made those goals even harder to accomplish.

Yet the question still remains, how well Wildcard will be able to deliver on all these promises?
Certain issues on the above list, like server problems and DDoS attacks. These have been annoying ARK: Survival Evolved players for years. If those chronic problems are to see a resolve quickly, they should be already.
So regardless of when these annoyances are actually taken care of, we expect they will all be eventually.

ARK: Survival Evolved releases on August 29th for Linux, Mac, Windows, Xbox One, PS4 and OS X. While currently available on Steam Early Access and Humble Store.


  • Noman
    Sep 11, 2017 3:13 am

    Now aot of new creatures have been introduced in the ARK survival game. ARK griffin is my favorite.

  • Todd LGC Admin
    Sep 11, 2017 3:46 pm

    I haven’t play ARK since the first Early Access build.