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Arms Against Tyranny writes a new history

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Arms Against Tyranny game expansion launches for Hearts of Iron IV on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the brilliant team at Paradox Development Studio for another amazing creation. Available on both Steam and Humble Store with 83% Very Positive reviews.

Ever wondered how Europe’s northern nations, like Finland or Sweden, handled the pressure from powerful neighbors during intense times? The “Arms Against Tyranny” expansion takes you on an intriguing journey through these scenarios. While placing you right at the center of it all on Linux.

Northern Europe’s Spotlight

Europe’s northernmost countries, especially Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, are the main focus here. Since it’s freezing cold outside and a Soviet invasion is trying to influence or control these smaller nations. Sometimes, the icy winters can be a nation’s best defense in the “Arms Against Tyranny”.

Finland’s Story

Here, you get to step into Finland’s shoes during a tough period. They’re sandwiched between some very imposing neighbors. So, you decide: Will Finland stand its ground, try to get along with these big neighbors, or find a middle path? It’s all about balance and strategy in Arms Against Tyranny.

Sweden’s Choices

Sweden is rich in resources and doesn’t like to be told what to do. In this experience, you get to decide: Will Sweden unite with its fellow Scandinavian countries to form a strong front, or will it side with one of the major powers and change the course of history?

Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny | Official Launch Trailer

Denmark and Norway’s Challenges

Both these nations are small but have big choices to make. Wars are looming, and they must decide how to prepare. Using what you know now, can you guide them to make the right choices?

Crafting Your Military Power in Arms Against Tyranny

Ever thought about the behind the scenes action in wars? The decisions about which weapons to produce, and which technologies to invest in? The new game expansion lets you do just that! You can work with companies in your country, guiding them to make the weapons and tech you think is best for your army.

International Trading

You will also become the world’s main supplier of weapons. You decide which countries get your arms and in return, they give you resources to build more stuff. It’s a massive, strategic trade game where you’re in control.

Arms Against Tyranny Extras

Besides all this, there’s some cool additional content. Unique art for your units, 10 new musical tracks to set the mood, and you even get to customize specific units to make them even better. Plus, there’s a major update that everyone gets, whether they have “Arms Against Tyranny” or not.

The “Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny” expansion isn’t just about battles; it’s about decisions, strategies, and crafting a path in challenging times. Whether you’re all about history or someone who likes a strategic challenge, this experience is sure to captivate you. Launching on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Playable on Steam Deck. Priced at $19.99 USD / £16.75 / 19,99€ on both Steam and Humble Store.

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