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Arrow Heads isometric archery launches no Linux

arrow heads launches but no linux or ubuntu, just windows games on steam

OddBird, a Toronto-based indie development team. Finally launches their award-winning, avian-themed archery game Arrow Heads. Since the Unity 3D games available for Windows PC on Steam, what about Linux and Ubuntu?

Linux support?

OddBird Studio[developer]
It is Unity, there are certain graphics options that have given us issues on other OS’s. But we are still looking into porting to Mac and Linux. No official announcements yet though.

The games premise is about players shooting, dodging and deflecting a variety of arrows. While also avoiding other nonsensical projectiles, all against their avian counterparts. So Arrow Heads is a fast-paced and ludicrous 2-4 player multiplayer and co-op game. Complete with two action-packed game modes. While using simple controls and tons of unlockable content. Making it the perfect pastime for friendly but fierce competition between birds of all ages.

“We’ve been looking forward to this day since we first started development of Arrow Heads as game design students,” said Benjamin Scott, Co-founder of OddBird. “We’re thrilled that Arrow Heads is now available on Steam. And that everyone has a chance to experience the game’s silliness. As well as crazy chaotic moments. We hope that people will have as much fun playing the game. With family and friends as we did working on it.”

So whether competing against other players online. Or teaming up against waves of enemies with your best friend on the couch next to you. Arrow Heads hands players unlimited arrows and drops them into unpredictable environments to test their mastery behind the bow. With plenty of unlockables and hundreds of customization options. You can defeat your opponents in style with the games additional projectiles like fish, guitars and even weaponized unicorns. This games launches a zany battle royale archery game. Guaranteed to entertain and keep you coming back for more feather-fueled action.

Arrow Heads – Launch Trailer:

Arrow Heads Features:

  • Arena Mode: 2-4 frenemies can duke it out both locally and online, or both at the same time. Battle through 7 different stages using utterly devastating power-ups like explosive rockets, electric tesla coils and leg-chomping bear traps to take out your enemies!
  • Arcade Mode: Play solo or with friends in the fully co-operative survival mode that lets 1-4 archers team up to battle against 25 waves of enemies and compete for high scores.
  • Dangerous Levels: As if battling your friends or waves of killer bears wasn’t hard enough, you’ll also have to watch your step. Whether it’s the edge of a skyscraper, a mischievous laser eye or a rampaging boulder, the environments in which you decimate your fellow archers can be as treacherous as your foes.
  • Unlockables: What’s the point of being the best archer around if you don’t look good while doing it? A vast array of customizations can be unlocked in-game, including 6 different characters, 8 bows and 10 outrageous arrow types.
  • Flopping: Take an arrow to the face early in the round? Don’t worry, you can get your vengeance from beyond the grave with after-life flopping! Stay in the fight by throwing your corpse around mindlessly or slapping your enemies in the face with your noodly arms to stun them.

Arrow Heads has already received industry recognition for its unique shooting mechanic. Including the quirky design and exciting level of competition. The games already won Best Overall Game and Artistic Achievement at the 2016 Level Up Showcase. Arrow Heads was also the winner of the 2016 ESAC Student Game Competition. And named a semi-finalist for the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

Arrow Heads is launches on Steam right now for $14.99. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will follow in early 2018.

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