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Artifact launches Open Beta today

artifact launches open beta today on linux mac windows

Artifact the new card game from Valve which now launches the Beta on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. But there seems to be some issue with the game. Since Valve is addressing some of the complaints in a blog post.

The the open beta, starting today, include the Call to Arms Phantom Draft events in user-created tournaments. Which also includes the Casual Phantom Draft gauntlet to practice drafting without spending a ticket.
So before the beta ends, Valve is also adding “a system that allows extra, unwanted cards to be recycled into event tickets.” So that those low value cards are not a complete waste.

While the developer is not commenting on requests for card trading. Or even difficulty of winning card packs. But Artifact‘s open beta is finally here. But there are many would be players losing interest. Which also includes myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for Valve’s digital card game. But it seems the monetisation model is causing some problems. A Reddit post advises players to cancel their pre-orders. This is also the top post of all-time on the Artifact subreddit.
While a number of other popular threads are taking aim at the payment model. Since players have to pay for everything.

How Expensive Is Artifact?

So when you purchase Artifact for $20 USD to get the base game on Linux, Mac or Windows.. This gives you some starter cards.  But the only way to get new cards is to spend money. Players can buy booster packs packs for $2 USD, not too bad.
This also allows you to buy and sell specific cards through the marketplace. Sound familiar? And where Valve takes a small piece of the action. Which also includes the option to win cards by playing the game modes that require paid tickets to join. Currently, you cannot trade for cards. Which makes me want to play Cultist Simulator instead.

The 12-card booster packs is also getting some attention from the community. This will guarantee a hero card and many of the others could well be starter cards.

Open Beta on Linux, Mac and Windows:

Valve’s recent FAQ could suggest that the developer is open to a change in the monetisation policy. Usually stemming from player feedback. But at this stage of the game, this is a wait and see. Personally seeing that the open beta launches today on Linux, Mac and Windows. I’d still suggest waiting for the game to mature somewhat before diving in.

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