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Artifice: War Tactics an epic new strategy

artifice: war tactics medieval turn-based strategy game is coming to linux and mac with windows pc plus a demo

Artifice: War Tactics medieval turn-based strategy game is coming to Linux and Mac with Windows PC plus a Demo. Big shout-out to Silvine Game Studios for their hard work and dedication. Due to making its way onto Steam Early Access soon.

Imagine yourself as a crafty leader in a medieval world with knights, castles, and magical creatures. This is just the start of Artifice: War Tactics, which is an experience that you can try right now. There is a free playable Demo on Steam for Windows PC, playable via Proton.

Now, what’s this Artifice: War Tactics thing about? Picture it like a chessboard, but you’re moving around fantasy heroes and using clever strategies to outwit the opposition. Just like chess, the play is turn-based, so plan your moves carefully. Plus, there are also plans for native support.

We plan to add support for Linux soon. After the Early Access launch, we will work on porting the game to both Linux and Mac.

Having just received an email update straight from Silvine. They’re hard at work using Unity 3D to bring Artifice: War Tactics to life. Right now, they’re focusing on getting all the main features in place. Once they finish, the medieval turn-based strategy will receive a native build. That’s due to happen after the Early Access release. Looks like they’re due to perfect Artifice: War Tactics for us, aiming to continue development until 2024. So, we’ve got an exciting year ahead.

They say that Artifice: War Tactics is a bit like the popular strategy games, XCOM and Into the Breach. You’re not just chucking your heroes at the enemies, instead you’re figuring out sneaky traps and planning ahead for combo attacks. It’s all about taking back your kingdom and surviving the waves of enemies that keep coming at you.

Artifice: War Tactics – Gameplay Trailer

Artifice: War Tactics is based on three main ideas – Deduce, Anticipate, and Maximize. In ‘Deduce’, you check out where the enemies are and try to figure out where they might try to trap you. In ‘Anticipate’, you guess where the enemy is going to move next so you can move your heroes to the best positions. And in ‘Maximize’, you arrange your attack zones to get the most enemies in one hit.

In Artifice: War Tactics, you’ll do things like setting traps by placing your heroes in areas called Overwatches. If the enemies wander into your Overwatch, your heroes attack. You’ll also pull enemies into these traps and let your heroes strike them down. You’ll have over 16 heroes to play. You can even tweak them, improving their abilities and stats as you move along the story. And, like any leader, you can add to your arsenal by taking loot from defeated enemies. Plus, you’ll face some tough bosses.

You can check out a free Demo of Artifice: War Tactics during Steam Next Fest. They haven’t said when the medieval turn-based strategy will release or how much it’ll cost, but you can keep an eye on it by adding it to your Steam Wishlist and following its updates. Due to release on Windows PC, then Linux and Mac.

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