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Artificer’s Tower colony-sim brings magic

artificers tower colony-sim wizard tower defense game launches on linux steam deck and windows pc

Artificer’s Tower colony-sim wizard tower defense game launches on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Thanks to the skilled team at RodentGames for creating something uniquely original. Available now on Steam with Positive reviews.

Artificer’s Tower the latest game from RodentGames, has just launched the olony-sim wizard tower defense. This title is a magical blend of tower defense, resource management, and colony-sim. Due to captivate both Linux and Steam Deck with elements of wizardry and enchantment.

What’s the Game About?

In Artificer’s Tower , you play the role of a master wizard, building and managing your very own magical tower and colony-sim. Think of it as constructing your dream wizard’s tower where you channel your inner Merlin. Since your main job is to build a strong base, manage your resources, and create a safe haven for your mages.

Building and Managing Your Tower

Your task in constructing a magical tower means you’ll start from the ground up. While selecting the layout and defenses for your tower. Gather resources and craft materials to expand and fortify your tower. You won’t run out of things to create – since there’s always something new to discover and add to your grand design.

Artificer’s Tower colony-sim wizard tower defense Trailer

Managing Your Team

In Artificer’s Tower colony-sim aspect, your mages and apprentices are crucial. While you choose their traits and assign them tasks like crafting materials and researching new magic. Paying them well and keeping them happy is key to your success. Also keep them trained and ready, because you’ll need to defend your tower against orcs and goblins looking to cause trouble.

Defense is Key

Defending your Artificer’s Tower tower is as important as building in the colony-sim. You’ll set up traps at the entrance of your tower to stop monsters in their tracks. Experimenting with different types of traps can also make your tower nearly invincible against incoming attacks.

Key Features

  • Defend Your Base: Set up traps and watch as monsters trying to invade your tower get defeated one by one.
  • Manage Your Mages: Keep your magical operations smooth by taking good care of your mages’ needs. And also making sure they’re happy.
  • Summon Powerful Bosses: Take on big bosses and their minions due to prove your tower’s strength.
  • Train and Practice: Help your mages grow from novices to powerful wizards.
  • Flex Your Alchemy Skills: Start with basic recipes and while gradually unlocking the ability to create complex items.

Artificer’s Tower colony-sim wizard tower defense launches now on Steam for Linux and Windows PC. You can play it on the Steam Deck as well. Priced at $11.99 USD / £10.23 / 11,83€ with the 20% launch discount, until April 15th.

So get out there and build, defend, and manage your way to becoming the ultimate wizard in Artificer’s Tower.

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