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Ash of Gods ​unique RPG ​hits Kickstarter [Linux]

ash of gods ​unique rpg ​hits kickstarter linux games for steam

Ash of Gods is a mix between a #roguelike role-playing visual novel. Hence mixing in an online turn-based strategy game. Having just launched crowdfunding on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. #Gameplay is heavily inspired by The Banner Saga series and Japanese visual novel games. Yet created in the spirit of The Darkest Dungeon. Coming to #Steam, GOG and Humble Store if the games campaign is successful.

Ash of Gods is storytelling with risks that TRULY affect the gameplay. Along with an extensive online PvP mode. And since this is a story based on the complexity. Hence the ambiguity of moral choice and unique rogue-like storytelling. Where each of the characters can die. And characters can die based the imprudent management of resources. Hence the result of a lethal conflict after rude word. Even a wound in battle may lead to death in a story mode.
So as in real life, it’s very hard to predict all of the consequences. Momentary benefit may cost a character a life. While sacrifice will make the walkthrough of one of following episodes easier. All of this is closely intertwined with the combat system. Which is mixed turn-based strategy and card RPG. All via Kickstarter crowdfunding for Linux (Steam, GOG and Humble Store).

Ash of Gods Features

  • An emphasis on roguelike storytelling.​ The dialogue choices you make, journey paths you take and battles you fight. Since each truly affect the story and the world around you. The team’s resources and time are limited—you must choose who should live. And who must die in order to continue along your path. If you rush forward mindlessly, you will gradually lose your characters. Including the major ones. But even the death of the party’s leader will not lead to “game over”!
  • PVP and PVE multiplayer modes.​ While living through the story and top the global ratings. With your characters in the multiplayer mode. Unlock new characters and cards. So upgrade them to build your own unique strategy and tactics. While creating your own clans. Join forces with friends and participate in battles together.
  • Smart AI that constantly learns exactly how to defeat you.​ Since the AI automatically adapts to your style of playing. You’ll never be able to invent “imba” tactics or find that “invincible” team build.
  • Live music. ​The music of this project is the result of collaboration. Hence these wonderful game composers: Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz. And even Michał Cielecki (who wrote the music for such projects as Bullet Storm, Painkiller, The Witcher, EVE Online, Call of Juarez and Shadow Warrior​ ).

Graphics and Story

  • Scrupulously hand-drawn graphics​. The visual style of Ash of Gods has been inspired by the work of Ralph Bakshi. Hence the old-school Disney cartoons and the Soviet animation studio “Soyuzmultfilm” of the 60’s. Character animation in combat scenes are based on live actors’ motion capture.
  • Story created by author Sergey Malitsky​, is a contemporary Russian fantasy author of Polish descent. Best known for his fantasy series Arban Saesh, The Code of Semideath. Along with Nothing Personal, Stones of Mitutu, Shelter of the Cursed and others. Sergey has been the recipient of the “Sword without a Name” and “Golden Caduceus” awards. We hope that our game will mark the beginning of the translation. And publication of his books into English.
  • A new approach to tactical strategies.​ A mix of turn-based strategy and card RPG. Where the cards determine your strategy and the characters’ classes determine your tactics on the battlefield.

So Ash of Gods play style is familiar to other games. Hence the crowdfunding campaign just launched via Kickstarter. With a release coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Coming to Steam, GOG and Humble Store in March 2018 if the campaign is successful.

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