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Asteroid Fight online multiplayer on Early Access

asteroid fight online multiplayer on early access for linux mac windows

Asteroid Fight is an online multiplayer action real-time strategy on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where players user a commander with uniquely modified special abilities. Then build a strong economy to be able to quickly grow a strong military. Also now available with a discount on Steam and Humble Store.

So in Asteroid Fight your challenge with your enemies is to destroy their warp gate. Good team play, fast thinking, and rapid reactions. This will make the key difference in thr fast paced strategy game.

Earn experience points for your team by fighting, building, healing, or other tasks in which you want to specialise.

Asteroid Fight is a highly competitive team oriented game. Where 3v3 players face off against each other.
Also different game modes like e.g. “last ship flying”, rounding off the game and during the early access phase.

Asteroid Fight online multiplayer Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Online Multiplayer: Play with your friends in a team and defeat others
  • Special Abilities and Items: Earn XP for every played round and receive new unique items from the four different categories: utility, control, support, attack. Every item has its own values and modifiers – so even if you get the same item twice, it means it will have a different effect on your commander and furthermore, the item per se will be different!
  • Endless Possibilities: Plenty of different items, ~1 million distinct ship configurations, endless different item variations.
  • Roles and Playstyles: Every player can contribute to the team the way he/she wants to. Gaining XP is possible through different ways of contribution. There are no predefined roles. Its up to the player to find his/her playstyle and way to success.
  • Commander Factory: Assemble your own unique commander with your earned items
  • Leveling: Fast leveling through a game, where your team earns match XP that you can use during a round to level up your ship and special abilities.
  • Economy: Build bases on asteroids and support your team with a variety of specialized units
  • Map Editor: You will be able to build your own custom maps for Asteroid Fight with an easy to use map editor.
  • Bots: Exercise against or with bots and give them basic instructions, so they can fit your team better.
  • Training: Exercise in offline or online training sessione alone or with your friends. Turn various game mechanics on or off as you like! It’s even possible to play a “traditional” RTS game, if you turn off the “action” features.

Early Access release:

Asteroid Fight is a worthwhile online multiplayer available on Early Access. Which of course has Linux, Mac and Windows support. Along with a 20% launch week discount on Steam and Humble Store, priced at $9.59 USD off of $11.99 USD.

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