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Astral Ascent 2D platformer Kickstarter ends soon

astral ascent 2d platformer kickstarter ends soon but includes support in linux gaming mac windows pc

Astral Ascent 2D platformer Kickstarter ends soon but includes support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to independent French studio Hibernian Workshop. The game is also in its last days of the crowdfunding campaign.

Hibernian Workshop is the studio behind Dark Devotion (Windows PC). Who now launches an updated demo for Astral Ascent, the 2D platformer roguelite fantasy adventure on Kickstarter. Which now sits at 270% past the campaign funding goal.

The updated demo is available free on Steam for a limited time only. This includes a brand new boss fight and also improved mechanics based on community feedback. But there are issues running the Demo on Linux using Proton. The game launches, but only into a black screen. Not to fret though, it looks like the developer will officially support Linux for the full game. At least according to a recent update on Kickstarter.

As the game is having a great success on Kickstarter we have been many asking us about porting to Linux. We like taking your feedback into consideration. So we talked with our porting partner MP2 Games and we are happy to announce that the game will come to Linux too!

The game engine for Astral Ascent development is Construct 3. Although this is positive news, it would be great to have a native Linux gaming demo on Steam. Still, at least we have formal confirmation for a full native Linux port on Kickstarter.

Alongside the campaign is a trailer showing off the gripping boss battles. This includes a lush, colorful world that players will visit during their travels.

Astral Ascent – Kickstarter Trailer

The Kickstarter campaign for Astral Ascent has more than doubled its funding goal (€30,000). Currently sitting at €81,046.04 ($97,558 USD), which is almost triple it’s funding. This includes more than 1,700 backers so far. The huge support from the community allows Hibernian Workshop to unlock more content. Such as new features, like the Extra Challenges and Zodiac Signature Spells.

What’s more, Nier singer Emi Evans has joined forces. Along with music composer Dale North. Coming together for a special union to produce Astral Ascent‘s final boss music.

A beautiful pixelated fantasy world like no other

Astral Ascent offers vast and beautiful hand crafted pixel art. Along with a modern fantasy world to explore. Choose your hero from four playable characters. Then unlock dozens of unique spells that can be improved by using mods. These will also create infinite options to match your own gameplay style. Creating multiple ways to confront the enemies.

Fight, dominate and discover the almighty Zodiacs’ weaknesses

Astral Ascent players will face 12 fierce warriors, the Zodiacs. Each boss battle will require a strategic approach to reach victory. Learning how they fight, so your skills and discovering their weaknesses will be the key. All while you earn the respect of the 12 Zodiacs. Their unique attacks and special abilities make each combat unique. Which can also be demanding and intense.

Explore Astral Ascent, learn and replay!

Exploration and replayability will be key elements. Roguelite fans will enjoy a puzzling world full of foes, friends, and secrets. Heroes will travel across massive handcrafted terrain. These are designed with gorgeous art and handcrafted animation. While unfolding stories set in a rich universe.

You can add Astral Ascent 2D platformer to your Steam Wishlist. But you can also support the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Since we now have support in Linux gaming with Mac and Windows PC.

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