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Astral Defense a new pixel art space shooter

astral defense a new pixel art space shooter in linux mac windows pc games

Astral Defense pixel art space shooter games available for Mac and Windows PC with Linux in tow. Thanks to a brand new Minnesota based Indie Game Studio, Pixel Pajama Studios. Releasing the DRM-free game on

Astral Defense is also the developers very first release. So we are sharing the details of this procedurally generated galactic throwback.

Astral Defense is a tiny pixel art space shooter. Also originally designed for mobile. Where each wave randomly generates an endlessly scaling difficulty. While you collect power ups and find special ammo. So you can face more harsh Alien space craft.
The games also takes inspiration from the classics. Hence the retro arcade classic, Galaga.

Linux Support:

Astral Defense was developed using a game engine called Stencyl. We do have the capabilities of porting to Linux, within the Stencyl platform. Its just a matter of installing a Linux OS on one of our PC’s.

So it’s a pleasure to see the Linux initiative. However the studio is looking to make a couple of hardware upgrades. Then releasing Astral Defense on Linux. Which should already work via Wine. That is if you are up for a challenge, ahead of support.

Astral Defense official Launch Trailer (Mac, Windows PC, then Linux)

Developed over the course of two months. The games also the work of a self taught Indie Developer. Co-Founder of Pixel Pajama Studios, Derek Sonnenberg (fedellen). “It was time for me to make a space game,” said fedellen. “After learning to draw and program. My new goal was to release our first game Astral Defense.”


  • Six unique Enemy Vessels
  • Endless Waves of Scaling Procedural Generation
  • Shields and Ship Power Ups in Astral Defense
  • Retro Themed Art, Sound, and Chiptune
  • Three Special Ammo Types

Pixel Pajama Studios is a tiny indie game studio in Minnesota USA. Co-Founders Derek Sonnenberg (fedellen) and Bonnie Thompson (abonbon). Starting their pixel art journey as a hobby. Simply sharing their work together back in late May of 2018. Then the idea quickly emerged to turn their art into games.

You can download Astral Defense for free on Google Play and the App Store.

The DRM-free version of Astral Defense is available on Priced at only $2.99 USD. Playable on both Mac and Windows PC. A Linux port is also going to be in the works. There is no time frame but the studio is working on it.

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