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Astral Tracks a competitive speedrunner

astral tracks a competitive 3D platforming speedrunner game hold high hope for linux with windows pc

Astral Tracks a competitive 3D platforming speedrunner game hold high hope for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to extra insights and assistance from the LAB132 team, we’ve got even more to share. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Imagine you’re gliding through a vast, neon-lit cyber-sci-fi universe, much like the heroes from Marvel’s inter dimensional worlds. That’s the essence of Astral Tracks, a fresh release from LAB132. This isn’t just any platform experience; it’s one that demands agility, strategy, and speed.

According to the email reply from LAB132, “We would love to do a Linux version of Astral Tracks and make it playable on Steam Deck, as well. This is certainly good news since game development is using Unreal Engine 5. The studio also goes on to say, “It is part of our development roadmap and we will do our best to get a Linux version out there.”
If you remember, LAB132 is also the developer behind with a Linux build. So the odds are very likely that the team will follow through with a port.

Think about the swift movements of Spider-Man when he swings between skyscrapers. In Astral Tracks, you have that swinging skill, plus a few others, like wall running similar to the stunts in Titanfall. The goal? Navigate through the competitive 3D platforming speedrunner, which is dynamic and always changing terrains as swiftly as you can.

Astral Tracks | Announcement Trailer

One of the things about the game is that the tracks you’re on are not permanent. They’re assembled from custom-made segments but arrange differently every time you dive in. All thanks to some smart behind the scenes tech. So, each session is a fresh challenge, asking you to figure out the best way to use your movement skills.

And if you’re the competitive type, you can test your skills against friends right next to you or from across the globe. Plus, there are Astral Tracks leaderboards for those who like to show off their records. Want to push yourself a bit more? Dive into daily, weekly, or monthly challenges, where you and fellow players get to tackle the same terrain and see who emerges on top.

But it’s not just about racing against time and others. As you advance, you can personalize your avatar. Want a quirky tin-foil hat? Or maybe some butterfly wings? These are just some of the accessories you can unlock and buy using points you earn. You won’t be bothered by in-app purchase prompts. Everything is earned purely by how well you perform.

The founder behind Astral Tracks, Laura Koerting from LAB132, shared their enthusiasm about this release. Since the positive response to their previous title, Neon White. It’s clear they believe in the appeal of speedrunning games, and they’re keen on offering something distinctive with Astral Tracks.

So, this competitive 3D platforming speedrunner universe is where speed, strategy, and style collide. Whether you’re new to speedrunning or a seasoned pro, Astral Tracks promises an exhilarating ride. So be sure to Wishlist it on Steam.