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Astromeda story driven RPG gets a free Demo

 astromeda story-driven rpg game now has a free demo for linux mac windows pc

Astromeda story-driven RPG game now has a free Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. From the dedicated efforts of developer Liran Kamisa, this engaging adventure is a testament to creativity and hard work. Available to try on Steam.

Astromeda isn’t just another game you might play; it’s an imaginative journey due to the creative Liran Kamisa. So it’s not your typical story-driven RPG. It stands out with its blend of high-speed real-time actions paired with the classic strategic turn-based system. Think of it like having the thrill of making split-second choices. Also the satisfaction of planning your next move, all in one.

Step into a universe that’s both familiar and wonderfully strange. The world of Astromeda is where you’ll meet a cast of characters that are as endearing as they are peculiar. Their charm adds a layer of warmth to the adventure, making every interaction a potential favorite memory. And as a result, 190 backers pledged $10,022 USD to help bring this project to life via Kickstarter.

This journey isn’t just about walking or running from place to place. The movement in Astromeda is revamped, it’s fresh — it’s about experiencing the landscape in ways that are as creative as they are fun. The visuals? They’re a unique mash-up of 3D and pixel art. Due to give you that nostalgic vibe with a modern twist.

Astromeda | Reveal Trailer

When it comes to the showdowns with bosses, prepare for your pulse to race. These aren’t just fights; they’re experiences due to keep you coming back. Have you discover new strategies and enjoying the rush all over again.

The Astromeda backstory is a wild one. Earth was hit by an asteroid, and just like that, life as we know it is over. From this catastrophe, an alien bacteria emerged, thrived, and evolved by absorbing DNA from the remnants of Earth’s past people. Fast forward, and now these bacteria have made a peaceful home on the planet. And then humans, specifically four survivors who dodged the asteroid, make their return, stepping into a world that’s nothing like they remember.

The Astromeda combat system pulls inspiration from fan favorites like Undertale and Hollow Knight. Crafting a game that’s both exhilarating and familiar. The visuals? They’re not just pretty; they’re crafted with original 3D pixel art that pops on the screen. The music sets the tone, carrying personality in every note. The narrative isn’t just a story; it’s a journey with heart, humor, and soul, and guess what? You’re in the driver’s seat, steering the way the world unfolds.

The Demo:

And for a bit of unexpected fun? In Astromeda, you get to interact with the bacteria in a way that’s surprisingly delightful — petting them! It’s silly, sure, but it’s also oddly satisfying, and believe it or not, it pays off in gold. But don’t ignore these little guys, or it’s game over. Try it for yourself in the Free Linux Demo on Steam.

The complete game is due to land on Steam in 2024, on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The story-driven RPG is not just something you’ll play; it’s an adventure you’ll live.

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