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Astronaut: The Best dev hopefully for support

astronaut: the best occult management adventure dev hopefully for linux with windows pc

Astronaut: The Best occult management adventure dev hopefully for the games support on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from developer Universal Happymaker. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2022.

Astronaut: The Best is an occult management adventure where people aren’t just numbers. Actually, they’re incompetent screwups. So your duty is to turn them into national heroes. Or the government will have to kill you.

This is the premise behind the five years of development and last public demo. The occult management adventure rises again to face the scrutiny of the masses. But only doing so on Windows PC. So of course, reaching out to Universal Happymaker about Linux support. They are hopeful.

We’d certainly like to bring it to more platforms, but that will depend on us having the resources to do porting and testing right.

Astronaut: The Best is developed using Unity 3D, of course. So this means the porting process should be straight forward. But for those eager to play now, you can check out the Demo. Since Universal Happymaker warmly pushes the masses to check out how far the game has come. Keep in mind, this is a Windows PC build, as a result, you will have to use Wine/Proton.

Astronaut: The Best – Alpha Release Trailer

To attain Astronaut: The Best alpha access, aspiring players must join the Discord. They must also complete a brief test of valor and piety. Simply by requesting in the #alpha-offerings channel. While there, they might enjoy AI-generated news articles or bet on ethics plays.


  • Enjoy having too much power over the lives of fake astronauts. Who also come with complex personalities
  • Suffer the unwanted fraud of tabloids, and televised experts. Not to mention the Five High Priests of Flaustria
  • A pleasant cartoon silliness coats the world view. While breaking the effect of your every choice
  • Five missions. Hundreds of decisions. Thousands of recombinant astronauts. Millions of ways to fail epically.

Universal Happymaker hopes to release Astronaut: The Best in mid to late 2022. After regularly updating the alpha with new content and much tinkering. Due to arrive on Windows PC via Steam, but they are hoping for Linux.

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