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Astronite works perfectly on Steam Deck

astronite 1bit metroidvania game works perfectly on steam deck via linux with windows pc

. Thanks to details from developer Dume Games Studio. WoAstronite 1bit metroidvania game works perfectly on the Linux based Steam Deck via Windows PCrking towards a release on Steam later this year.

The big demo party for Astronite is only active until today, June 20. If you like metroidvania’s the demo works on Steam Deck. Letting plays fight against Kronch, the first Boss of the game. Since Linux players can enter a new world and don’t forget to add it to your wishlist.

Astronite works well on the Steam Deck. We are working for Steam to give us the seal of compatibility.

In a later Discussions post, the developer comment mentions a Twitter post. As well as other Linux players who can also play the game via Proton. The Twitter post shows that GameMaker Studio 2 is being used for development. Rightly so, the game engine seems to have a focus on Ubuntu. As a result, Proton is still the main option for most Linux players of GameMaker Studio 2 games.

Astronite – Announcement Trailer

Take control of the brave explorer in Astronite. All while you explore a huge map with different zones full of hidden secrets. Including both varied enemies and big bosses. Recover the planet and restore it back to civilization before it was invaded by strange creatures. Explore an uncharted planet with the help of your skills…

Now comes the turn of the crazy Llamas. If you like games full of easter eggs with gameplay suitable for the whole family.Astronite will let you will discover many references to other video games in its wonderful world.


  • Shoot, jump, or use the ‘dash’ or ‘fly’ plot to overcome all the challenges and advance to the planets core.
  • Improve your skills with permanent Astronite power-ups spread throughout the planet.
  • Explore all the corners to find hidden paths or items that will help you in your adventure.

Astronite 1bit metroidvania is due to arrive shortly and don’t forget to add the game to your Wishlist on Steam. Due to arrive on Windows PC, but playable on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton. Coming Q4 2022.

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