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Asura inspired rogue-like releases today

asura nspired rogue-like releases today in linux gaming news

Right now in gaming news, Asura #officially #launches on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence this Indian Mythos inspired rogue-like comes with a procedurally generated skill tree. All created by developer Ogre Head Studio. Available now on both #Steam and Humble Store (includes a Steam key).

So players take on the role of a demon incarnate known as Asura. All while you journey through dungeons looking for vengeance and retribution. While hacking and slashing you way through the randomly generated fortress. While in the Daeva empire lair, you will encounter and unlock a variety of bosses. Facing off against champions and enemies inspired by the heroes of Indian mythology. All while crafting your demon’s skill tree, then laying destruction to your enemies. Yet also wielding a variety of very unique weapons and armour.
But keep in mind, the gameplay does have perma-death. However you will reincarnate again from the very beginning of Asura, with some unlocked bonuses. Therefore, the gaming experience does not leave you hanging. But still presents a true challenge.

Asura Features:

  • ​​Inspired by ​Indian Mythology.​​
  • Procedurally Generated Skill Tree​ which changes on every play through.
  • Randomly Generated Fortress inspired by Ancient Indian Architecture​.​
  • Duel and slay Heroes of the Daeva, Vanara, Naga and the Hathira race and unlock more as you destroy them in the battlefield!​
  • ​Unlock and equip tons of loot to epic loot and items to obliterate your enemies.​

asura nspired rogue-like gif

So in terms of gaming, the title offers quite a bit. According to developer Ogre Head Studio. If you speed run your gaming, then 1h and 30 min’s. Yet if you actually play the game, provided you survive, it goes on for hours.
Personally I played it and got rekt in the first hour. But the weapons choices are impressive. Just keep an eye on the skill tree, as it does evolve.
Since controller support is highly recommended. The Steam Controller particularly seems to be work better in keeping your agility. As the take-down’s are serious. Othwise, Asura is a great game and priced right. Given the higher level of replayability.

Asura the hack and slash rogue-like is available Steam and Humble Store (includes Steam key) for $9.99 / 9.99€ / £6.99. Apparently the game is coming to GOG. But there is no news of a listing at the time of writing.

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