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Asus Transformer Prime confirmed (again) for 12/19, following WiFi tweak

Launching the Asus Transformer Prime on the market and creating video games are not really the same thing, but playing Game Development Story on my Android phone the other day proved one thing: – there is the option to rush a game to the market with some bugs in it, simply to cut down on development costs and to take advantage of the momentum, but it will come at a price as the bugs might just return to bite you in the end. Asus takes a different approach with their Asus Transformer Prime, aiming for perfection before the hardware is released to the mass market.

Late last month, Asus had confirmed a December 19th release date to us, but today, a rumor emanating from Canada suggested that a December launch may be jeopardized by necessary tweaks on the Transformer Prime WIFI performance. The rumor was sent to Engadget, which published about it. Asus has later confirmed -again- that the Transformer Prime would launch on December 19 as planned.


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