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Atari now partners with Antstream Arcade

atari now partners with antstream arcade for the vcs linux console

Atari now partners with Antstream Arcade for VCS, the Linux based console. And as one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands. Not to mention, interactive entertainment producers. Announces a partnership with radical retro gaming platform, Antstream Arcade. This partnership brings an enhanced and exclusive “Atari Edition”. Including Antstream’s game streaming service coming to Atari VCS.

Therefore, expect an exclusive Atari VCS edition. As Antstream Arcade partners with the platform. This unlocks an instantly accessible collection of classic video game titles. In addition to an existing library of 2,000+ officially licensed games. The exclusive Antstream Arcade Atari VCS app. Which also includes the largest collection of games available on demand. Doing so in both original and enhanced edition formats. Coming from the brand’s many arcade, home, and handheld platforms.

Atari Pricing

Accessible from the Atari VCS system dashboard at launch. Apparently late 2019. The Antstream Arcade app for the VCS offers a 30-day free trial. While the subscription options are $9.99(US)/month or $7.99(US)/month. Or a total $95.88 USD for a yearly subscription. I’m hoping to see a Linux client support in the near future.

So what does the partnership mean? Well, the Atari VCS will release fifty (50) exclusively games. This will be available at launch for new and existing Antstream Arcade users. Whenever they sign on from their Atari VCS system. With additional games also coming on a steady basis. The Arcade titles will be compatible with the VCS Classic Joystick and Modern Controller. Including rumble and LED lighting effects.

Expect enhanced game editions with new functionality. Such as multiplayer and “pure” unmodified versions of classic games available.
In addition, Atari and Antstream Arcade will deliver a constant flow of all-new creative social challenges. Engaging and encouraging fans to experience those retro games.
Likewise, expect popular classic titles via the VCS Edition of Antstream Arcade. These will include standalone retro classics. From Adventure, Night Driver, Pong, Tempest 2000, and Yars’ Revenge. Plus full compilations from PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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