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Atari VCS presale partnership open now

presale partnership open now

Atari VCS Official Online Presale is now underway for the Linux games console. This is available now for U.S. customers. We have the systems and accessories prices. Including retailer exclusive editions. Available for preorder now on, and While shipping releases in March 2020.

Since this is the start of the Official Online Presale for Atari VCS. Including retail partnerships. To bring Atari’s successful Indiegogo campaign. And the Indemand period to a close after one full year.
Original Atari VCS backers receiver hardware starting in December 2019. Completing a drive that began on May 30, 2018. With platform crushing traffic on day one to achieve $2 Million in funding. Doing so in the first week. And nearly $3 Million over its 30 day span. While the total gross sales top out at $4 Million. With more than 12,000 individual contributors.

atari vcs product linux games console

Pricing starts at $249.99 for the Atari VCS 400 Onyx. This also the (4GB RAM) Base model. Topping off at $389.99 USD for one of three Atari VCS 800 (8GB RAM). These is the All-In system bundles. Which includes a Classic Joystick and Modern Controller.
The Classic Joysticks are priced at $49.99 USD. While the Modern Controllers at $59.99 USD. Created in partnership with PowerA. Also available now for retail pre-order. Additional international pre-sale dates and retailers will be announced soon.

This new Atari VCS Official Online Presale is for products scheduled to start shipping in March 2020 and offers new hardware configurations, exclusive new designs, and three online retail destinations to choose from: feature products:

atari vcs product Presale prices gamestop linux games console feature products:

atari vcs product Presale prices walmart linux games console features Atari VCS products:

atari vcs product Presale prices linux games console

The all new Atari VCS home Linux gaming and computer system. Aimed at transforming the TV centric home entertainment experience.
These week at E3, Atari plans to share demos. This also includes the Atari VCS dashboard. As well as the Sandbox Mode. Showcasing the power of the AMD tech that powers the VCS.
What I’m keen to see, the ever expanding Atari world of all new games. Since we expect classic and remastered favourites. But the streaming multimedia and personal apps. Since you can easily make their own.

The AMD Ryzen processor features Radeon Graphics Technology. So system can handle it all. Including 4K HDR streaming. While the all new Atari Classic Joystick. Iincluding the Atari Modern Controller make things easy and fun. Then switching to the unique Atari Sandbox Mode. This also unlocks an open and expandable multimedia PC. So you have freedom and versatility thanks to Linux. Things you can’t get with any other home game system.
Since the Atari VCS blends the best of consoles and PC’s. Bringing in a whole new generation of gamers. While also including creators. Those who will “Discover What You and Atari Can Do.”

Atari also plans to make several more product development updates. As well as further news this year. These will include expand details about games. Including more entertainment content. Plus software development protocols. And expanded distribution and still more.
In addition, Atari will continue to provide updates. Periodic work in progress and product demo’s. Doing so via the Atari VCS Project Development blogs on

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