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Atari and WonderOS establish a partnership

Atari and WonderOS establish a partnership for linux gaming console

Atari and WonderOS establish a partnership with plans for the Linux based gaming console. And this is an interesting move but not entirely surprising for Atari VCS device. Could Atari be going after a much bigger market?

Atari is certainly one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands. Not to mention interactive entertainment producers. Which also acquired an exclusive license for all assets of Wonder. The innovative gaming company behind WonderOS. An Android based hybrid mobile gaming and entertainment platform.

Wonder was founded in 2016 by CEO Andy Kleinman. Who is also an entrepreneur and former executive of Disney. As well as mobile game companies Scopely and Zynga. Wonder has a diverse range of media and entertainment investors. So the WonderOS technology was going to unify mobile, console, and PC gaming. While offering an ecosystem that gives access to multi-platform games. Including entertainment apps and streaming services. Either locally or through the cloud.

The company hopes to include WonderOS into the development roadmap. And likewise, this partnership may be included as part of the Video Computer System (Atari VCS™). Making it available to connect across mobile devices. Which can certainly further expand the capabilities and reach. Making the home gaming and entertainment system more viable.

WonderOS is based on Android. While the Atari VCS was originally expected to ship with a Linux OS. Likewise, I have no idea if this deal means that the company will change operating system’s. Or maybe they have a better plan for Wonder’s intellectual property?

Atari going mobile with WonderOS

As Atari continues to grow its mobile game business. Similarly, re-enters the home hardware market. This also keeps everyone on edge with the new Atari VCS. The WonderOS and mobile IP will make an important addition. Since this partnership could add more content in the coming years. As the company drives to make mobile gaming. Adding in more constant content streaming. While making it easier on consumers.

But it seems rather late in the game to make a major change. The Atari VCS project has experienced some speedbumps along the way. Michael Arzt, COO of Atari Connected Devices stated another OS can be installed beside AtariOS. All while explaining AMD’s new Ryzen Embedded SoC.
So the console may be able to dual boot? Which is already expected to support game streaming. Along with native games. So maybe an OS change isn’t the question. But may be adding to the console.

“Atari has strong mobile gaming business. And deep experience as a publisher,” said Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais. “Incorporating WonderOS’s exciting technology will accelerate mobile integration of the Atari VCS platform. While better positioning the company to capitalize on the promise offered by 5G digital cellular networks.”

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